RightFax allows you to send faxes and electronic documents directly from your computer to any fax number. You can monitor the progress of the fax and resend documents with a click of the mouse. You can also send Word of Adobe Acrobat documents by printing to RightFax directly from the program. Faxes sent to an Upstate user will be available directly from their Outlook inbox!

  • All faculty and staff will be able to send documents using the RightFax software. If an individual or department needs to receive faxes at their own number please contact the help desk to get this set up.

  • RightFax is free to all faculty and staff.

    • A Windows computer that is on the USC Upstate domain (either connected by ethernet or on the wireless network).
    • RightFax software (contact the Help Desk if this is not already on your computer)
    • If you need to send a document that is not already saved on your computer you will need access to a scanner/copier
  • To send a fax, you either need access to a multifunction printer with fax capabilities or have RightFax installed on your computer.


    How do I open the Fax Utility?
    Go to the start menu, all programs, open text and click on RightFax FaxUtil

    What if I send a fax to an Upstate employee and they don't receive it?
    If faxes are not being received by an Upstate employee, make sure to check the junk mail folder and choose to Never Block Sender by right-clicking on the email.

    How do I specify a fax number for people to send a response to?
    When sending a fax, make sure to add your name and fax number on the More Options tab for return faxes.