Student Recommended Dell Devices

USC Upstate has a refreshed lineup of recommended laptops from Dell that are available for personal purchase. These are business-class laptops that are tested to get a student through their coursework. They all come with at least 3 year complete care, accidental damage coverage that allows the ITS Help Desk to repair any problem that may ever come up at no charge. With recommended models we will take care of everything.

    • The Help Desk's support model is designed to provide quality, efficient service to those who purchase a recommended model.
    • On site repair service is provided for recommended models. Our technicians are certified for repair work with the recommended laptops and have priority access to replacement parts. We can identify the problem, order the parts, if necessary, and replace the parts locally here at the Help Desk. The Help Desk does NOT provide hardware support or full OS support for non-recommended computers.
    • ITS has negotiated special pricing for the recommended models that includes an accidental damage warranty that covers common mishaps, such as drops and spills. *Note: Warranty only covers the battery for one year and accidental damage coverage does not cover theft, fire or loss.
    • If you have a laptop like many of your fellow students, it's easy to share parts such as power supplies, batteries or anything else.
  • All students.

    • Dell XPS laptops starting at $979
    • Alienware laptops starting at $881
    • Chromebook laptops starting at $244
    • Dell Inspiron laptops starting at $176

    Note: Prices and models are subject to change. Visit the Dell Recommendation site for the latest deals.

  • Computer Requirements:

    • Windows 7 or newer (PC)
    • Mac OS X 10.5 or newer (Apple)
    • Internet access
    • One of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 11+ or Edge 20+ (Windows only), Firefox 31+, Google Chrome 36+, Safari 6+ (Mac only)
    • Visit the Dell Recommendation Site.
    • Browse the models available and purchase the one most suitable for your needs.
    • This year’s laptop lineup is fully customizable to your liking. The link above takes you to the vendor’s site in order to customize and purchase your computer directly through Dell.
    • If you need assistance connecting your laptop to the Upstate wireless for the first time or have any other issues then please bring your computer to the Help Desk located in the Administration building.