USC Upstate Phone System

USC Upstate provide a phone system with a range of features including voice mail and conferencing using a range of Cisco model phones to suit your department's needs.

    • Receive voice mail straight to your email when out of the office
    • Caller ID
    • Create your own address book and speed dials
    • Make conference calls
    • Record your own out of office message
  • All Faculty and Staff. However, adjunct faculty cannot have their name added to their phone.

  • This basic phone service is free to any new position in a department. However, there may be extra costs associated with upgrading Cisco models and making long distance calls.

    • An active network port
    • Cisco model phone
    • Pin code for accessing voice mail and other functions on phone
  • If you do not already have a phone in the office, your department will have to request one. If this is for a new position than a basic phone model will be provided at no cost. If this is an extra phone or not for a fulltime employee, then there will be a charge to the department.

    Instructions for setting up voicemail can be found under Support. You can dial any number on campus through the four digit extension.

    If you require assistance or need to request a phone please contact the Help Desk at 5257 or