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*Please note, effective September 2016, new campus-wide food and non-alcoholic beverage regulations have been implemented.

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Special Events Policies and Procedures

Facilities Scheduling Policies

Theater Policies and Procedures

IT Equipment and Service Rates

Campus-Wide Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Regulations

USC Upstate Alcohol Beverage Policy

Athletic and Spartan Rec Center Facilities Policies and Guidelines (including rates), and Special Events equipment information can be found in the accordion below.

Athletic and Wellness Center Facilities Policies and Guidelines


The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear explanation of the guidelines for reserving any Athletic Facility and Spartan Rec Center at the University of South Carolina Upstate.

Any questions regarding this Policy should be directed to the Office of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling at 864-503-5985 or the Athletic Facilities Manager at 864-503-5053.

This policy establishes regulations for the use of the Athletic and Spartan Rec Center Facilities by external users, campus-based users, sponsored users, and student organizations in accord with the University’s missions, goals, and policies.

While USC Upstate facilities and properties are utilized primarily to fulfill the educational mission of the University, certain University facilities and properties are made available for use by recognized student organizations, University Departments and public and non-public groups provided there is not a conflict with University scheduled events and that the usage and event does not detract from the University’s mission. As part of the University’s metropolitan mission rests upon a foundation of partnerships with the education, corporate, and service organizations of the Upstate, this policy is mission driven to include the people, organizations, and corporations of the Upstate as users of USC Upstate facilities.


Campus-Based User: Any USC Upstate department or business unit using the requested facility for USC Upstate business with appropriate authorization to provide a USC Upstate account number to which any charges associated with the usage may be billed.

External User (Off-Campus User): An individual or groups of individuals, organizations, associations, or business not affiliated with USC Upstate.

Other Student Organizations: An active student organization recognized by the Office of Student Affairs and registered with the Office of Student Life.

Affiliated User: An organization, group, or individual which is affiliated with USC Upstate by virtue of grants or mission consistent goals carried out by faculty and/or staff employed by the University.

Fronting: Permitting a non-University individual or organization to use University space/facilities and services under the guise that the activity is a University-sponsored program.

Service: Any University personnel support and/or expertise, technical equipment, supplies or special services provided to individuals or organizations conducting programs in University facilities or on campus grounds.

Scheduling Priorities

All requests for Athletic Facilities must be submitted to the USC Upstate Office of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling no later than two weeks prior to the event. Advance bookings for the following year will be accepted after April 1 for external users.

Any Athletic Facility will not be considered reserved until the “USC Upstate Athletic Facility Event Information Sheet” has been received and a confirmation distributed to appropriate support departments. A written contract, outlining all details and applicable charges will be submitted to users for approval and signature once a confirmation has been issued. A signed contract must be on file in the Office of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling before an event may occur in an Athletic Facility.

No University facilities or services are committed to external users more than twelve (12) months in advance.

Facilities/room maintenance and refurbishment are also considered a top scheduling priority. In order to maintain facilities in a manner consistent with the image appropriate for the University, it is necessary that regular maintenance and refurbishment be completed. Every effort will be made to complete maintenance and refurbishment at times throughout the calendar year that will not conflict with University events.

Facilities Scheduling

To schedule an event on-campus, you may access the Special Events and Facilities Scheduling webpage by clicking “Campus Services” from the USC Upstate home page.

From the Special Events and Facilities Scheduling webpage, select, complete and submit the Preliminary Information Form. The submission of this form does not guarantee a reservation, it only notifies the Office of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling of your request. You will receive notification that your request was received and should there be a conflict with your request, you will be notified.

Event Specifics/Restrictions

All events must be scheduled in accordance with restrictions and within reasonable boundaries of discretion, which include:

All events must have an identified person who is responsible and present at all times. Access to the Athletic and Wellness Facilities will be denied unless this person is present.

USC Upstate reserves the right to inspect and control all functions. Liability for damage to the premises will be charged accordingly. USC Upstate cannot assume responsibility for personal property and equipment brought onto the premises or for damage or loss of any articles or merchandise left on campus.

Engineering, Electrical, and Audiovisual
Special engineering or electrical requirements must be specified at the time of the reservation. Charges may result and will be based on the labor involved and power needed. A wide selection of audiovisual equipment and services are available and will be coordinated through the Offices of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling. Hodge specific audio/visual equipment will be coordinated through the Athletic Video Coordinator.

The use of tobacco products is prohibited on the USC Upstate campus

Insurance and Indemnification
Guests shall indemnify and hold the University of South Carolina Upstate and its affiliates harmless from any and all claims, suits, losses, damages, and expenses on account of injury to any party in connection with the function or resulting from damage or destruction of any USC Upstate property by guests/attendees of the function on USC Upstate premises.

Any damages to USC Upstate facilities, property, equipment, or other items are the responsibility of the user. Replacement or repair costs will be assessed by USC Upstate staff, faculty, or administration and are the responsibility of the user unless otherwise determined by USC Upstate personnel.

USC Upstate may require security personnel for your function and will bill you for security charges.

Event Manager
It is the policy of the University that an event manager is on duty whenever an Athletic Facility or the Wellness Facility is occupied. There will be a charge for the event manager on-duty during all events.

Any setup in the lobby should be approved by the Office of Special Events and the Event Manager. If the setup requires the movement of furniture, it will be the responsibility of the person in charge of the event to see that the lobby is returned to its original setup. If not, the organization holding the event will be charged.

Facility Use Policies

Printed Materials
All references to any Athletic Facility should read as follows for the appropriate Athletic Facility:

  • Hodge Arena
  • Cleveland S. Harley Baseball Park
  • Cyrill Stadium
  • County-University Soccer Stadium
  • USC Upstate Tennis Courts

The normal seating capacity for the Hodge Arena is 790. Due to fire codes, all aisles must remain free of obstacles. Standing or sitting in the aisles is not allowed under any circumstances. It is the users’ responsibility to notify guests not adhering to the policy. Anyone remaining in the aisles will be asked to leave by the Event Manager.

Food & Beverage
All food and beverages (including concessions) are to be provided by USC Upstate Dining Services. No outside caterers are permitted.

Equipment Use

Hodge Center Floor Cover, Lighting, Camera, Sound, Scoreboard, and Videoboard
The use of lighting, camera, sound, scoreboard, and/or videoboard will result in additional charges per the attached Rental Rates. Operation of these systems is prohibited by non-USC Upstate staff.

Of those individuals and/or organizations that have access to facility and service use at USC Upstate, fee charges ranging from no fee, discounted fee, non-profit fee or full fee, will be charged in accordance with the group descriptions listed below.

Student Activities or Programs
The University, recognizing that campus facilities are primarily here to benefit and support student activities and interests, provides student groups an advance opportunity to schedule space at no charge. However, this does not exclude a deposit, or cost for support personnel or tech support.

Faculty/Staff Conducting University Business
The University, recognizing that campus facilities are primarily here to benefit and support University activities and interests, provides faculty and staff groups an opportunity to schedule space at no charge within University facilities. However, this does not exclude a deposit, or cost for support personnel or tech support.

For all no charge reservations, the Office of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling reserves the right to closely monitor the time allocated for the scheduled event to ensure maximum use of all campus facilities.

Affiliated Groups
These are defined as co-sponsored and/or adjunct organizations for which facilities fees are waived. However, this does not exclude a deposit, or cost for support personnel or tech support.

There are two basic user types included in this group:

  1. Co-Sponsored Events – Activities or programs which are provided through the University but involve non-University Clients.
  2. Adjunct Organizations – Programs which are sponsored by a University-Sanctioned group directly related to the mission of the University

In special situation, courtesy adjunct organization status will be extended to individuals and organizations with which the University has significant educational and strategic relationships. The Chancellor or his/her designee may grant this status.

External Groups & Organizations
All groups falling into the off-campus individuals or organizations, for-profit, and not-for-profit, using University facilities and/or services category will be charged market rates for facility rentals and other services. Faculty, staff, or students using facilities to conduct outside activities or as a representative of a non-University organization not associated with their role as an agent of the University will be charged accordingly.

A not-for-profit organization must be a corporation, trust, or unincorporated association which meets the following requirements:

  • Organized and operated exclusively for a charitable purpose
  • Net earnings may not inure to the benefit of any private individual or shareholder
  • No substantial part of its activity may be attempting to influence legislation
  • No action of the group may intervene in political campaigns
  • No part of the purposes or activities may be illegal or violate fundamental public policy

Exceptions to rate charges require the approval of the Chancellor’s Office.

Fee Payment

A deposit is required for all functions within any Athletic/Wellness Center Facility. Advance deposits are refundable up to 10 working days prior to an event. After this time period, all deposits are non-refundable unless the event is rescheduled within a three-month period. Rescheduling is based on facility availability. Deposits will be applied toward the total event cost only if contractual agreements in this and other documents are met.

The estimated payment for most functions is due on the last business day before the event occurs. Only certified funds or cash will be accepted as payment, unless otherwise arranged with the Office of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling. Additional charges, if necessary, will be billed following the event as determined by USC Upstate staff, faculty, or administration.

Fee Waivers

USC Upstate reserves the right to reduce or waive facilities and property charges where a compelling public need or interest is served. An example is using a designated facility as an emergency shelter for hurricane evacuation or other disasters.

All requests for fee waivers must be submitted in writing to the Office of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling and will be reviewed by the Facilities policy Usage & Review Committee and approved by the Chancellor.

Cancellation Policy

Client Notification Provisions
Notification of cancellations must be made five working days prior to the event. For cancellations made without five working days’ notice, the user will be responsible for any costs incurred for the event.

In extremely rare situations, due to factors beyond the control of the University, such as weather conditions, unavailability of facilities due to physical damage, or mechanical breakdown of support systems, etc., the University may cancel a previously scheduled non-University event without penalty. In the event of a weather emergency in which the University is closed, external events being catered and facilities reservations may be cancelled.

If an event is cancelled, the Office of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling will contact the primary contact listed on the reservation sheet to discuss the cancellation and re-scheduling opportunities.

Changes to Policy

All policies and guidelines presented in this document are subject to review and change without notice. Facilities and service fees will be reviewed annually to assess and establish fair and reasonable costs and charges.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with the policies described may result in the assessment of charges to recover the costs of services scheduled and/or performed, the suspension or revocation of scheduling privileges, and/or the closing of an event requiring restitution for expenses or damages.

Rental Policies

  • Any individual and/or organization not fully complying with the University policies and guidelines or cooperating with University staff may be asked to vacate the premises and may have their privileges revoked.
  • Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted in any area of the University.
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn, unless otherwise posted. Appropriate clothing is required in activity areas.
  • No bicycles, rollerblades, or skateboards are permitted.
  • All groups are required to have an identifiable person in charge present at all times. The University will provide at least one site supervisor based on the size and nature of the activity being conducted. In addition, at the discretion of the University, uniformed police may be required for some events.
  • Movement of any building equipment may only be conducted by University Staff.
  • Modifications of equipment beyond its designed purpose are prohibited.
  • Injuries, accidents, or equipment failures must be reported immediately to the University Police.
  • The University is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Food and open, non-sealable beverage containers are not permitted in the activity areas of the Hodge Arena or Wellness Center. Food and drinks are only permitted in the food service area. (Except in the Hodge Arena)
  • Non-marking athletic shoes are required in activity areas.
  • In the Wellness Center children 4 years of age and older may not enter the locker room of the opposite sex. The Facility Supervisor is available to assist these children through the appropriate locker room.

Hodge Arena
For-Profit/Non Profit Rental Rates & Price Guide*

  Non-Profit Profit
Full Day (More than 4 hours) $1000 $1500
Half Day (4 hours or less) $600  $900 
Event Manager $35/Hour  $35/Hour 
Security/Parking Officer $35/Hour  $35/Hour 
Floor Cover TBA  TBA 
Stage TBA  TBA 
All setup costs (below) will be determined by the needs of the user in conjunction with the Department of Intercollegiate athletics.
 Video Board    
Video Boards/Control Room  $1,500/Day Two Cameras
Video Boards/Control Room  $2,000/Day  Three Cameras 
Video Boards/Control Room $2,500/Day  Four Cameras 
Sound System Basic  $800/Day  
Portable Sound System  $500/Day   
Wireless Mics  $85/Day   
Wired Mics $45/Day   
Editing $125/Hour   
The type and number of individuals (below) to be hired will be determined by the needs of the user in conjunction with the Department of Athletics.
Producer $45/Hour Minimum 5 hours
Director  $45/Hour  Minimum 5 hours 
Technical Director  $40/Hour  Minimum 5 hours
Audio Operator $40/Hour  Minimum 5 hours 
Show Control  $30/Hour  Minimum 5 hours 
Clip Player  $30/Hour  Minimum 5 hours 
Camera Op  $35/Hour  Minimum 5 hours 
Grips  $25/Hour  Minimum 5 hours 
Replay  $35/Hour  Minimum 5 hours 
Technician Video Board  $45/Hour  Minimum 5 hours 
Graphics Prep  Call for quote  Minimum 5 hours 
 * A refundable deposit of is required of all users of the facility. This deposit is $700 for USC Upstate groups and $1000/$700 for for-profit/non-profit users.

Wellness Center Rental Rates

  Non-Profit Profit
Basketball/Volleyball Courts (2) $40/hr. ea. $75/hr. ea. 
Racquetball Courts (2) $20/hr. ea.  $35/hr. ea. 
Pool $5/person/hr.  $7.50/person/hr. 

Group Fitness Room (2)
(Does NOT include sound system)

$25/Hour  $40/Hour 
Facility * $1200  $1500 
Guest Passes: $5.00 per day and must be sponsored by a member. (Limited to 3 guest passes per week.) Members may sponsor up to 5 guests per day.
* After hours use only. This includes all facilities on the main level and upper levels. Lower level facilities will not be available. 
Building Supervisor   $12/Hour
Lifeguard    $12/Hour 
Officials    $12/Hour 
Security   $12/Hour 

Tennis Courts

1 Court $20/1.5 Hour   
6 Courts $100/Day (8 hrs)  $150/Day (8 hrs) with lights 
12 Courts $200/Day (8 hrs)  $300/Day (8 hrs) with lights 

Cancellations: No penalty to cancel 24 hrs prior to reservation

Season Application: Rates of USTA Leagues/USTA tournaments/School teams will be soon listed

Special Events Equipment
Item Name Quantity Available
6' Tables 40
Black folding chairs 99
Coat rack 2
Easel 9
Flip chart 1
Dry-erase board and Flip chart 1
Tabletop podium 3
Portable tabletop podium PA sound system 1
Portable tripod screen 1
Sandwich boards 3