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This form is intended for use in scheduling student events only. Before completing the form, please review the facilities calendar to see if the location you would like to request is available.

Please fill out 2 weeks prior to event date. 

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Room Setup

This is contingent on the specific room requested. Classroom spaces are as-is.


Dining Services handles all food orders for events on campus. No food may be brought in for events unless pre-approved by Sodexo as they have first right of refusal.

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Alcoholic Beverages

All alcoholic beverage requests must be made in person through the Student Life office. 

Requests ofr alcohol will also require security personnel at the organizers' expense.

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Security Needs

In some cases, a certified police officer(s) must be hired at the organization's expense to provide security for the event. A ratio of one officer for each 100 attendees is required, with the minimum of two officers at the event. More officers may be required for activities deemed high risk. Regardless of estimated risk level, an organization must have a staff or faculty advisor/chaperone present for the duration of the event, as well. Some events will also require a Student Life staff person to assist with the event (e.g. Homecoming, Greek event, etc.). The Dean of Students will determine this.

The following policy is in effect in an effort to increase security on campus. This policy applies only to after hours and weekend events.

Any room that has been reserved for a meeting or event will not be unlocked until the person in charge of the event has arrived. When that person arrives, they can call the UPD and an officer will be dispatched to open the room. Persons sponsoring an event should arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure their event will start on time. At the conclusion of the event, the person in charge should lock the door upon their departure and notify the UPD that the event has concluded. University Police will then be dispatched to double check the room to ensure it has been secured. Failure by the responsible party to secure the room could result in their organization being denied the after hours use of the facility in the future. University Police can be contacted at 864-503-7777.

See the student handbook for more information on event scheduling and security.

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