The University of South Carolina Upstate works in partnership with Affinity Licensing to protect all logos and word marks while strengthening the University’s brand identity. Affinity provides licensing representation for USC Upstate in an effort to regulate University and athletic logos. Any manufacturer of products bearing any USC Upstate mark, including items not for resale, must be properly licensed before offering such goods for sale. To learn more about the authorized use of USC Upstate logos, visit 

What this means for the Campus Community

University departments and groups may order merchandise and apparel from companies that are licensed vendors only. Should you order merchandise bearing University logos using an unlicensed vendor, your merchandise could be confiscated and destroyed.

Full list of licensed vendors

If the company that you wish to do business with is not a licensed vendor, they may apply for a license at Affinity Licensing.

What this means for Vendors

In order to produce merchandise and apparel bearing the USC Upstate logos, you must be a licensed vendor with Affinity. To apply for a license, visit Vendors will have access to the USC Upstate licensed marks after they have completed the licensing registration process.  

  • Internal Usage Licenses are for companies that desire to only produce licensed products for internal use at the selected institution. No products produced under this license agreement may be sold to the general public. Most departments on campus will work with this type of vendor to order T-shirts, tote bags, etc. that will be given away to students and not re-sold to the general public. The cost for this license is $ 100.
  • Standard Licenses are for companies that desire to produce licensed products for resale to the general public. Companies that produce items to be sold in the Bookstore or for Athletics to sell on their website must register as Standard Vendors because we are re-selling that merchandise. The cost for this license is $100.