Logos Basics

The official University logos are the primary identifiers for the University of South Carolina Upstate. They serve as the most immediate and recognizable way for University audiences to know they are interacting with USC Upstate and assist with unifying our brand across the institution.

The visual identity of USC Upstate helps to create and sustain a strong image and reputation for the University. Using the correct version of these logos and institutional identifiers is imperative in maintaining brand integrity. The standards for each version ensure that the logos and identifiers are clearly visible and integrate with the design in which they are presented.

Institutional logos and logo signatures are not permitted to be shared with partners, vendors or others outside of the university without approval from UMC.

primary logos

USC Upstate’s primary logo is the institution’s central identity mark. It is the foundation of our visual identity system, and the distinctive image has been carefully crafted to more effectively and consistently communicate our vision of USC Upstate. The clean and approachable sans serif typeface feels modern yet timeless, with tall, slender letterforms that feel as if they are reaching upward. Careful attention was paid to how the identity scales, ensuring legibility at any size, while the variety of alignments within the family give us the flexibility to proudly represent this institution in any scenario.

The formal signature may be used for all business, marketing and promotional communications, while the informal signatures are best used for marketing and promotional applications. Logos should not be changed in any way. In order to maintain consistency, the standards for use of the University of South Carolina Upstate’s official primary logo are as follows:

  • USC Upstate’s primary logo should never be recreated or emulated, and alterations are prohibited. This includes alterations to the text within the logo, the line element below “UPSTATE” and the proportions of all elements. Please refer to improper usage guidelines for more details.
  • USC Upstate’s primary logo may be portrayed in one-color versions: black, white, and Upstate green.
    • USC Upstate’s primary logo may not be used as a background for text or graphics and must be surrounded by the official clear area, as noted below. Do not place text over the logo or add elements from the logo to other graphics or illustrations. Please refer to the section below regarding the standards for the official clear area.

USC Upstate’s primary logo is scalable. The official version should never be reproduced at sizes smaller than 1 ½” inch in width. The orientation, either horizontal or vertical, should be selected based on the space allotted for the logo.

Formal (Download)                                                         


Official Clear Space and Minimum Size

All University logos and official identifiers are to be surrounded by a clear area. This is the protected area around the logos. No other graphics or words are to overprint, touch or appear in this clear area. To ensure that clear space is maintained around the logo for legibility, text and graphics must follow the standard illustrated here. Use ½” around the entire logo as a guiding principle as shown below.


While our brand is not limited to our logo, it’s important for all communications to reflect a consistent look and feel. Visual consistency limits confusion and increases engagement among key audiences—current and prospective students, parents, alumni, donors and community members, among others.

To maintain consistency, the creation of different logos and marks that represent the University is not permitted. When individual marks are developed, the overall brand is diluted as the symbols compete with one another. Limited exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis in specific, unique circumstances and must be approved by University Marketing and Communications.

All requests for an exception must be directed to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Strategic Communications and Marketing. The Associate Vice Chancellor will review the request and work with the appropriate vice chancellor or department head on approvals. In cases when permission is granted, UMC is responsible for the design of all new logos or marks, to ensure compliance with the institutional brand.

External Usage

University of South Carolina Upstate logos and marks cannot be used by external organizations and businesses without prior authorization from University Marketing and Communications. This includes, but is not limited to, all institutional logos, logo signatures, athletic marks, the presidential seal and other graphics associated with the institution’s identity.

To request permission, please email brand@uscupstate.edu.

Athletic Logos