Photography is one of the most widely-used and influential brand assets. It helps to communicate our stories in an authentic way and has the power to transform the way people perceive the University. Whether asking for an image from the USC Upstate photo archive or facilitating a photo shoot, photography should enhance the story you’re trying to tell, draw people in and make them want to know more.

Photography Tips

USC Upstate photography should communicate warmth and friendliness. It should be powerful and strong — radiant and energetic — infused with light and reflecting optimism. To tell a stronger visual story, use a variety of shots covering people and sense of place. A cluster of imagery tells a fuller story than an individual shot.

USC Upstate Photography feels and looks:
  • Bold
  • Full of Action
  • Hopeful
  • Energized
  • Dynamic
  • Powerful
  • Bright (light infused)
  • Sophisticated
Creating a Sense of Place

Photography should establish a sense of place and help connect people with USC Upstate. Always select imagery with the idea that the audience has never set foot on campus. Your images should convey the energetic transformations taking place and frame the University as an integral part of the Upstate and the Southeast region.

Example imagery to use for USC Upstate Example imagery to use for USC Upstate Example imagery to use for USC Upstate