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Using the echo360 Web Interface

Go to one of the classrooms already setup for lecture capture to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Open up a web browser and go to one of the following URL's based on which classroom you are in:

1.    Smith 320
2.    HEC 2039
3.    HEC 2005
4.    George 260
5.    Media 220

Step 2: You will be directed to a "Certificate Error" page. You should select “Continue to this website (not recommended).”

certificate error screenshot  

Step 3: Enter your USC Upstate username and password, and select "OK."  

login screenshot  

Step 4: Once the web interface loads, select “Ad Hoc Capture.”

ad hoc capture screenshot  

Step 5: Fill in the following information to appropriately record and post your capture:

  • Type a description of your capture (i.e. BIO201 Lecture 2/29/2012)
  • Select the length of time in minutes 
  • Choose the format you want to capture (the default is Display/Video – All Formats – Medium Quality). You have a range of choices from very low quality to extreme HD, which will effect the download speed for users viewing the capture.
  • Finally, click on “Start Ad Hoc Capture"

start ad hoc capture screenshot  

Step 6: The recording will start and stop automatically, unless you click on “Stop,” “Pause,” or “Extend.”

capture window screenshot  

Step 7: Once the recording has finished, you will need to process it, so it can be viewed or uploaded to Blackboard. The following steps can be completed on any computer and do not need to happen at the classroom lectern. Simply visit https://upitsecho1.uscupstate.edu:8443 in your Internet browser, then log in with your USC Upstate username and password.

echo login screenshot  

Step 8: Select “Ad Hoc Captures” under the “Echoes” tab.

 echoes tab screenshot

Step 9: Find your capture and select “Process.”

process screenshot

Step 10:  Select the Term, Course, and Section your lecture corresponds with and select “Next”.

capture description screenshot

Step 11: Select your name from the list of Presenters. Then select “Process”. Once this has finished, your recording should be published to Blackboard.

presenters screenshot

Step 12: If you need to go back and make changes to your recording, select “Echoes” under the “Echoes”tab.

make changes to echo screenshot  

Step 13: Select your recording. You can choose view, play mp3, play mp4, edit, download (as zip), closed caption (download mp3 for CC), copy or delete. Once you have made changes, you can click on the file and select “Reprocess Media” to publish it to Blackboard again.


reprocess media screenshot  

Watch the following video for further information on using the Echo360 Capture Station.

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