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Spartan Green Desktop - Install and Connect for Personal Computers

How do I use Spartan Green Desktop on my personal computer?
Three easy steps:

  1. Install the client on your computer.
  2. Launch the view client and login using your Upstate username and password. 
  3. Select the Virtual Machine you would like to run.

1. Install the client on your computer by going to spartangreensky.uscupstate.edu.  Click on "Install VMware Horizon View Client".


Click on the "View Download" button next to your operating system

Click on "Download"

 Run the file and click "Next"


Click "Next."


Accept the license agreement, then click "Next."


Click "Next."


Enter "spartangreensky.uscupstate.edu" in the connection server box and click next.


Click "Next."


Click "Next."


 And finally, click "Install." If prompted, you may need to restart your computer.



2. Launch the client and login, using your Upstate username and password.  

You can launch the client by double clicking the icon...


...or by going to https://spartangreensky.uscupstate.edu in your Internet browser.


Click "Connect."


Enter your username and password.



3. Select the Virtual Machine you would like to run.
You may only see one or two in the list. It’s all based upon what classes you take and what Virtual Machines you have rights to.


The virtual desktop will launch a full-screen window that looks and runs just like any other PC. You can minimize it and work on your personal computer then return the virtual machine window at anytime. USB devices will be recognized by the virtual computer when you plug USB devices into your personal computer.

Keep in mind that large files transferred from your USB device to the virtual desktop have to go over your Internet connection so they will take longer than copying a file directly to your personal computer. All virtual computers at USC Upstate have the USC Upstate cloud printer installed on them, so anything you print to the “held printer” can be released at any large printer on campus via the touch panel. Follow this link for more details. 

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