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JCBE Smart Classroom Lectern Instructions

Start Up Procedure

1. To turn the system on, start by pressing the Power On button on the Crestron touch panel on the desk. This turns on the projector.


2. Turn on any of the equipment you plan to use. To project an image from one of the pieces of equipment, you need to choose it by pressing the appropriate button on the Crestron panel. Use the Volume buttons and Mute buttons to control the sound. The Picture Mute button does not work.


3. Lights and Window Shades – There are Lights and Shades buttons on the Crestron unit. The Lights button does not work. In rooms with window shades, press the Shades button to bring up the screen that lets you open and close the window shades.


4. Computer – There is a “thin client” network device similar to a computer in the cabinet. It should stay on, but there is a power button you can use if it is off. Login using your USC Upstate username and password. The Smart Podium computer type monitor has a Power button near the top right. When logged in you will see a VMware control bar across the top of the screen that says JCBE-SCR Options and Connect USB Device. Closing this bar logs you off of the computer so do not close it.

5. You must click the Connect USB Device option if you plan to use a flash drive. There are two USB ports near the top left of the cabinet in the Extron unit. The VMware control bar has a small “push pin” icon at the top left which you can use to “hide” it and then you can make it come back by moving the mouse arrow to the top of the screen. When you have finished using the computer, click the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, and Log Off.

Connect a laptop computer using the connections on the top left side of the cabinet in the Extron unit. Plug the audio cable into the earphones jack on your laptop if you want sound from it to go through the system. There is a power outlet there as well as a network cable connection.

DVD Player

When using the Sony DVD player in the cabinet, make sure the Power button is on. Use the Eject button to open the tray. Make sure you have selected DVD on the Crestron control unit and then use the buttons on the screen to play and stop. Control the volume using the Crestron unit.

Document Camera

The document camera can be used to project an image of a document, object or transparency.

1. Turn it on using the Power button on the top right side. Press and hold the button.

2. Make sure you have selected Doc Cam on the Crestron control panel.

3. Press the Lamp button to turn on the light.

4. Press Lamp again to cycle between the lamp options.

5. Use the FREEZE button to freeze the image on the screen while you remove the object and replace it with another object or document. Press it again to unfreeze.

6. Use the Zoom+ and Zoom-, to zoom in and out and use the Brightness button if needed.

7. Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds to turn it off.

Shut Down Procedure

When you finish, you should turn off the power to each piece of equipment that you have used. Do not turn off the thin client network device. To turn off the projector press the Power Off button on the side of the Crestron touch panel and then press Turn System Off on the touch screen when prompted. You do not have to turn off the touch screen. It will “go to sleep” after a couple of minutes.

Panasonic Projector Remote Control

  • There is a gray projector remote control that you can use to turn off the projector if you forget to turn it off using the Crestron control on the desk button. Point it toward the front of the projector and press and hold the “Off” button until “Wait a minute” appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Most of the buttons on this remote do not need to be used so do not press them unless you know what you are doing.
  • There is a laser pointer button that you can use to point out things on the screen. (The wireless computer mouse also has a laser pointer.)
  • Use the AV MUTE button to temporarily mute or deflect the picture projected on the screen.
  • The Freeze button lets you freeze or keep the image on the screen while you change something on the document camera or computer screen. When you are ready to unfreeze the image just press the Freeze button again.
  • Use the DIGITAL ZOOM button to zoom in or enlarge the picture projected on the screen. Press the “+” to zoom in and the “-“ to zoom out. Remember to zoom back out to normal view when you finish.
  • Most of the other buttons do not work with this system. This is a battery powered device; if it does not work, it may need new batteries.


Wireless Remote Control Mouse

There is a wireless remote control mouse that can be used as a laser pointer and used to control the cursor on the computer screen. This device uses a radio signal so it does not need to be pointed in any particular direction to work properly.

1. Move the computer mouse using the button in the center of the navigation ring. The right and left arrow buttons are used to advance and return PowerPoint slides. The small mouse icon on the bottom of the navigation ring functions like the “right click” mouse button. The asterisk icon (*) is for the laser light pointer. It will project a green light wherever it is pointed.

2. Numbered buttons – these are not programmed to work.

3. There is a pistol grip button on the back which functions like a left mouse click button.



For assistance contact Instructional Media Services at (864) 503-5998 (or 5565) or cell numbers (864) 237-7068 or (864) 384-0598. If no one is available in Media Services, you can also call the ITS Helpdesk at (864) 503-5257.

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