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How to Print to the Faculty & Staff Held Queue

Sometimes you will have to print to the held queue, either because you are using a virtual machine which does not have specific printers installed or you have sensitive data you do not want to be seen by anyone else before you can get to the printer. You may also need to use the held queue for color printing. Held printing sends your print job to a "cloud", ready to be released when you are at the printer.

  1. Click on print from any program
  2. If printing black and white, choose "FS-Black and White Held Printing" from the list of printers and click OK and proceed to step 3.
  3. If printing color, select "FS-DC-Color-Held-Printing."
  4. Walk over to nearest multi-function printer (a copier with a touch screen) and select the ‘Print Release’ option from the printer’s touch screen. The touch screen is found on the front of the printer near the top.
    ** Note: Print jobs time out 18 hours after you have clicked print on the computer. So, you have 18 hours from the time you click print at your computer to the time you go to a printer to release the print job. After 18 hours, print jobs are deleted from the queue.
  5. You will be prompted to login to the MFP printer by either swiping your USC Upstate ID card or entering your USC Upstate username and password.lab5 
    All HP MFP's on campus have a card reader attached to the top of the printer. When prompted to login, simply swipe your card through the card reader.

    Swipe your card slowly, to avoid damaging your card and misreads, with the back of the card facing towards you
  6. Logging in Using Your Network Username and Password

    If you do not have your University ID Card, or your ID card was made prior to December 2008, you can log in to MFP printers using your network username and password.

    • This is the same username and password you use to login to computers on campus.
    •  Faculty and staff that do not remember their username and password should visit the Help Desk in person, in the Stockwell Administration Building, Room 109.
  7. When prompted, press the keyboard button on the display:

    An onscreen keyboard will appear, enter your username and press ok.
  8. An identical onscreen keyboard will then appear to enter your password. Enter your password there and press ok.
  9. You will receive confirmation when you have logged in successfully. You will then be presented with a screen that lists the print jobs you have sent to the printer. If you have sent more than one job you will see each one listed here.
    Select the one job you’d like to print or press print all to print all the documents. You will also see the cost associated with your print job to the right along with your current balance.
  10. Once your print job has been printed, press the home button, the house in the top left corner.

    Now click sign out at the bottom of the screen.
    NOTE: The printer will automatically sign you out after a couple minutes but you don’t want someone coming up behind you and running off a bunch of copies while you are still logged in.


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