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Computing Guidelines

Becoming a member of the USC Upstate community awards you the privilege of using numerous computer resources. This handout will provide you with basic guidelines of responsible computing.

Although these guidelines focus on computer use they are based on the Carolinian Creed:

I will practice personal and academic integrity;
I will respect the dignity of all persons;
I will respect the rights and property of others;
I will discourage bigotry, while striving to learn from differences in people, ideas and opinions;
I will demonstrate, concern for others, their feelings and their need for conditions, which support their work and development.

The USC Upstate community is expected to obey all federal, state and local laws, as well as University policies and procedures.

The University trusts students to make responsible use of these computing resources. Violation of this trust may result in your privilege being revoked.

Authorized Access
You are responsible for your account. Never share your password with anyone or allow others to use your account.

Make sure you log out when you have finished a session. If you walk away anyone may access your files and/or send e-mail from your account and you will be held accountable.

Do not imply that you represent the University; do not represent yourself as anyone else.

Copyright laws
Copyright law pertains to various materials, including cartoons, pictures, graphics, text, song lyrics and sounds including most MP3 files. Make sure you understand the law.

Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material Plan

If you do not maintain your security your account and files may be compromised.

Select a password that contains a mix of letters and numbers. Do not post your password near your computer. Change your password often.

E-mail is not a secure means of communication. Incorrectly addressed e-mail can end up in the wrong hands. E-mail can be forwarded to anyone.

Use of Resources
Copying or distributing proprietary software is prohibited.

Junk mail, spamming and chain letters are prohibited.

Resources should not be used for personal gain, profit-making or commercial use.

Do not misrepresent others' ideas, images or words as your own. Plagiarism rules apply to electronic media.

Harassment is not tolerated in any form. Do not send or forward harassing, fraudulent, obscene, threatening or defamatory messages or material to anyone.

Computing Abuse
Abuse may result in loss of computing privileges, legal action and/or disciplinary action by the University.

Virus Protection
Use virus protection software.

Update virus software file often.

Do not open mail if you suspect virus is attached.

Reporting Violations
If you suspect your account has been compromised, or you feel others have violated you, please keep copies of all relevant electronic documents and contact the Information Technology and Services department helpdesk or call 864-503-5257 as quickly as possible. IT Support Services will work with appropriate University officials to resolve any reported violations.

Daily attacks of the Internet from within and outside of the USC Upstate community effects valid work. Forms of attack include but not limited to:

  • Spread viruses;
  • Spam (flood e-mail with unwanted mail)
  • Stealing computer ID's and passwords;
  • Post-inappropriate messages;
  • Forged electronic mail;
  • Subscribing others to mailing list, without their permission;

Any student that participates in these types of events may lose computing privileges. Activities such at this may lead to suspension or expulsion for USC Upstate. Be aware that some of these activities are illegal under state and federal laws.

Secure your files
While the network allows the sharing of files for things such as class assignments not all files are meant to be shared.

Protect your files with settings to prevent unauthorized viewing. The IT Support Services can provide training on protecting your files.

Ask the owner of the file for permission to view if you have any doubt that the file is meant for public viewing.

Computer and Network Support
IT Support Services is available for general information regarding Internet/e-mail accounts, and computer training. IT Support Services is located in room 109 of the Administration building and can be reached at 864-503-5257.

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