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New Student Information

Welcome to USC Upstate! You will use a variety of technologies while here. Below is a listing of the most essential accounts and services you will need to set up now. Take a few minutes and walk through these steps, in the order they are listed.

**Before going any further, make sure you have your student data sheet containing your network username, e-mail address, and VIP ID number. This should have been mailed to you already.**

1. Create Your USC Upstate Campus Password

Your USC Upstate campus account is used to login to the following:

  • Computers on campus
  • The USC Upstate wireless network
  • Student e-mail
  • Library databases when off campus

You should already have your username and e-mail address in the student data sheet mailed to you earlier. With letter in hand, go to password.uscupstate.edu. This is USC Upstate's online password reset site for students. You will be using it to create your initial password this time, but you can also use the same site to reset your password should you forget it in the future. You will need your network username and VIP ID number to create your password. USC Upstate campus passwords must be at least six characters long.

2. Login to Your Student E-mail for the First Time

After successfully creating your password in the previous step, you are ready to login to your student e-mail for the first time. Go to outlook.com/email.uscupstate.edu, and enter your username (not the whole email), and the password you just created as the password. USC Upstate uses Microsoft Office 365 for student e-mail.

When you login to your student e-mail successfully for the first time, you will be prompted through a quick setup process. These questions are a one-time deal, you will not be asked them again. After filling this information out, you will be taken to your inbox.

3. Logon to a Campus Computer

When logging onto a campus computer you will use your username (the first part of your email before the @) and the same password as your email account. Logging onto Spartan Green Sky will be the same process except after you enter your login credentials you will need to chose which "pool" you want to connect to. Different virtual pools have different software and the pools you have permission to access will depend on what classes you are taking.

4. Create Your Self Service Carolina Password  

Now that you are logged in to your student e-mail, you can create your Self Service Carolina password. SSC is the online student information system, you will use it heavily throughout your time at USC Upstate. It replaces the previous system, VIP. Creating your password might seem tricky at first, but is pretty straightforward as long as you follow the directions. You will need to know your VIP ID and Social Security Number to create your password. To login to SSC you can use the link on the Current Students page of the USC Upstate website or by going directly to my.sc.edu.

    5. Create Your Blackboard Password

    Once you are able to login to Self Service Carolina, you can create your Blackboard password. Your professors may or may not use Blackboard, but it is a good idea to set this password just in case. Very simply, this is done within your SSC account, under the Personal section.

    6. Logging onto the Wireless

    To logon to the USC Upstate wireless you will need to login with your Upstate username, install safe connect, ensure you have up to date virus software and turn automatic updates on.

    7. Printing

    Students have two ways they can print on campus:

    Both methods will require you to have print credits or money on your Carolina Card. You can make deposits 24/7 with a minimum amount of $10.00 from the CarolinaCard Options in my.sc.edu. Your deposit will load to your CarolinaCard within 5 minutes. All you need to do is click here to login to your CarolinaCard Options.

    8. Accessing USC Upstate Software from your Personal Computer

    Students now have the ability to access USC Upstate software from your personal computer at no cost!

    Having trouble? Give the Help Desk a call at (864) 503-5257, e-mail us at helpdesk@uscupstate.edu, or visit in person in Administration 109. The Help Desk is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.