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Information for Students Living On Campus

All dorm rooms have access to the Internet through a wireless connection. Below you will find the minimum computer specs for compatibility with the USC Upstate network, as well as a few other details to keep in mind while living on campus.

Minimum Computer Specs for Compatibility
The following operating systems are supported on the USC Upstate network:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS 10.5 or newer

Windows XP users may not be able to access the wireless network due to Microsoft no longer providing updates for that system.

In order to access the USC Upstate wireless network, computers must have an 802.11 certified wireless card. This means any 802.11a, b, g, or n wireless card will work.

Safe Connect
USC Upstate uses Safe Connect for network access control. What does this mean for you? The first time you connect to the Internet on campus, you will be prompted to download and install the Safe Connect client. This client will check to see if your computer is in compliance with USC Upstate network access policies each time you connect to the Internet. This check literally takes less than 2 seconds to run and requires no user interaction. If your computer is in compliance, your browser will automatically redirect to your homepage. If your computer fails one or more network policies, you will be taken to a Web page explaining the policies your computer failed and how to correct them. Here are the policies Safe Connect checks your computer for:

  • Windows users should have an up-to-date, non-trial antivirus program. These antivirus programs are currently recognized by Safe Connect. If you do not have one of these antivirus programs installed with a valid subscription on your computer, you can download Microsoft Security Essentials free of charge from the Microsoft site.
AvastMcAfee Spysweeper AV
AVG Microsoft Security EssentialsSymantec
AVGuard NOD 32Trend Micro
Bitdefender Norton ZoneAlarm
EZ AntivirusPanda 
  • Windows updates need to be enabled and set to automatically install on PC's.
  • Apple updates need to be enabled on Mac computers.
  • Students are not allowed to use personal routers or wireless access points.
  • Student computers cannot be set to share content on peer-to-peer networks. Safe Connect does allow downloading of content from these networks, but not uploading.

Palmetto House, Villas and Magnolia House
The "Tree Houses" are blanketed in wireless coverage on every floor. There is no need for a network cable if you are living here, as long as you have a working wireless card in your computer. Each suite has a single ethernet jack available in the common area, as well as a phone jack and cable tv connection. Cable TV connections are also in each bedroom. Click here for instructions for connecting to the wireless on a Windows computer.

XBox, Playstation, Wii, TiVo, etc
Game consoles and DVR's will work using a wired network connection without any special configuration. They can also use the wireless network if they have an internet browser built in. If you are using the wireless network, you will need to launch the console's browser and log in, just like using a computer on campus. Click here for instructions for connecting your gaming device to the wireless network.