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How to Scan and Email Using an HP Multi-function Printer

  1. Press the Email function on the MFP's main menu.

    MFP Email
  2. On the Email screen, select the To line to enter the address you are sending to.

    MFP Email Home
  3. Enter the address you are sending to on the onscreen keyboard, then press the OK button.  MFPs are pre-programmed with the USC Upstate address book, so some addresses will auto-fill as you type.

    MFP Email Address
  4. After pressing the OK button, you will be returned to the previous screen.  You should see the email address you entered in the To line now.

    MFP Email Address Entered
  5. If you have multiple sheets, place them face up in the document feeder, or place a single sheet face down on the glass deck.

    MFP Doc Feeder or MFP Copy Off Glass 
  6. Press the green Start button located on the number pad of the MFP.

    MFP Press Start
  7. Your documents will be scanned and emailed to the address you entered.