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How to Fax Using an HP Multi-Function Printer (MFP)

Please note: faculty and staff who do not have an MFP near their office can now send a fax directly from their computer using RightFax. See here for more information!  

  1.  Select the Fax function from the MFP's display.

    Fax screenshot 1
  2. Once on the Fax screen, enter the number to be faxed on the MFP's number pad.  Fax numbers should be entered the same as telephone numbers; be sure to dial 8 for an outside line, and include 1 and the area code when necessary.

    Fax screenshot 2

    MFP Fax Number Pad
  3. If you have multiple documents to fax, place them face up in the document feeder, or place a single sheet face down on the glass deck.

    MFP Doc Feeder or MFP Copy Off Glass
  4. Press the green Start button.  Your documents will be scanned and faxed to the destination.

    MFP Press Start