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Wireless Printing from your personal Macintosh laptop

OS-X version 10.5 or higher

The following instructions assume that your laptop or desktop computer is running on the Mac OS X version 10.5 or later. Although the ITS Department at USC Upstate will try to assist you in setting this function up on your computer, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure your computer is operating correctly. 

Pharos Popup and Notify Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the Pharos Popup and Notify Client from https://community.pharos.com/docs/DOC-1650
  2. Double-click the DMG file to create a new disk image in Finder. This disk contains the popup installer, Popup.pkg.
  3. Double-click the installer to run it. You may be requested to authenticate yourself as an administrator.
  4. Select a destination disk. You will only be able to select the startup disk.
  5. Click install (or upgrade). The installer automatically installs Popup and Notify.

Pharos Popup will be running on the computer and will be automatically launched every time a user logs in.

Configuring the Print Queue Instructions:

To start using Popup for Mac OS X, add Popup printer queues on the computer:

  1. Open system preferences and click on the printers & devices icon.
  2. Click the + button.
  3. Hold down the control key on the keyboard and click anywhere on the toolbar. From the popup menu that appears, select customize toolbar.
  4. Drag the advanced icon to the toolbar and close the customization dialog.
  5. Click on the advanced button in the toolbar.
  6. From the type popup button, select Pharos Print Server.
  7. In the URL field, enter popup://upitsprint2/ST-ND-BW-Held-Q
  8. In the name field, enter student wireless queue. This is the name that will be shown to users on the computer.
  9. From the print using popup button, select “Generic PostScript Printer,” which will work in most cases.
  10. Click add. The new popup queue will now show up in the list of printers
  11.  Restart your computer
  12. To print to the new queue, select it from the printer popup button in the print dialog of any application. You will be prompted for your username and password. Enter your USC Upstate login.
  13. Confirm the charge to your printing account.
  14. To add the color held printer, repeat steps 5-10 and type popup://upitsprint2/ST-ND-COLOR-Held-Q in the URL field.

Where to Release Print Jobs
You can release your “Wireless Print Job” at the following locations within 18 hours of the time you printed:

  • Administrative Building Room 109 (also color)
  • CASB Lobby
  • CLC Room 213  (Release Station next to printer)
  • HEC 2007 (also color)
  • HEC 2037 (outside of)
  • Hodge 264
  • HPAC 134 (also color)
  • JCBE (The George) Room 104
  • Kathyn Hicks Visual Arts Center 116
  • Library 117 (also color)
  • Library 24/7 lab (also color)
  • Library Circulation Area (also color)
  • Media 3rd Floor (also color)
  • Palmetto House (Sparty’s Den)
  • Smith Room 416 (also color)
  • UCG Library (also color)

How to Release Your Print Job

After you have printed (per the instructions above), just select the print release option from the multi-function printer’s (MFP) console menu.

** Note: Print jobs time out after 18 hours. So, you have 18 hours from the time you send the print job to release it. After 18 hours, print jobs are deleted from the queue.

You will be prompted to login to the MFP by either swiping your USC Upstate ID card or entering your USC Upstate username and password. A list of the print jobs you have sent to the printer will be displayed on the MFP’s screen. Select which job you would like to print, and then press the green start button found near the number pad or press the Print button on the console. Your print job will be deducted from your student printing account balance, just as it would if had printed it in a computer lab.