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The Promise of Teaching: Excellence in Educators

Your support will strengthen the link between teaching and learning and provide USC Upstate with the tools to better engage faculty and students.

When the university mission is based on providing exemplary education, every effort needs to be taken to ensure that the link between teaching and learning remains strong.

Carter CTE

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) was established for just such a purpose. Designed to foster, promote and enhance excellence in teaching by providing leadership, resources and opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among faculty, the CTE strives to maintain relevance while serving as a synergistic tool that strengthens the capacity for effectiveness.

Leading the effort to integrate the latest learning and innovation tools across disciplines is Dr. June Carter, the Center’s director.

“It is a privilege to work with faculty from all disciplines, providing them practical resources and assistance in developing effective teaching methods and the integration of innovative ideas into USC Upstate’s academic programs and curricula,” says Carter. “I’m inspired by finding how best to foster learning from a variety of backgrounds.”

By infusing instructional pedagogy with technology into the classroom, faculty members are not only learning best practices within individual disciplines, but learning best practices in technology across all disciplines. That means USC Upstate students will receive an exemplary education and be better prepared to meet the demands of today’s workplace.

“USC Upstate values student success and is, therefore, committed to excellence in teaching. The Center for Teaching Excellence contributes to the university mission to provide exemplary education, recognize cultural diversity, and serve the Upstate.”  

- Dr. June Carter  


 "If we are going to improve the standard of living in our community, it is in our collective best interest to invest in USC Upstate."

- Chris Crowley, Campaign Chair  

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