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The Promise of Dedication: A Lasting Legacy

One gift of any measure can create many opportunities. Your investment will contribute to a lasting legacy of continued involvement that helps USC Upstate reach its full potential.

Being involved has, for Katie Hicks, meant doing whatever she could to provide students with an opportunity to learn…teaching art in a biology laboratory, then a laundry room; and working with just a box of charcoals, a shoebox of unlabeled photo slides, and a ream of paper.

Hicks and Roel

Her tenure at USC Upstate began at age 23 when there were only two buildings on campus, so for Hicks and the upstart arts program, necessity truly became the mother of invention.

“We did anything necessary,” says Hicks, now professor emeritus of art. “The whole place was growing.”

Three decades later, the promised potential Hicks and others recognized has been realized and can be seen in the continued growth and development of USC Upstate. 

Hicks’ involvement and steadfast belief in the university’s mission for students and the community at large helped her and her husband, Dr. Larry Roël, make the decision to strengthen the school’s potential by establishing a permanent home for the arts program – the P. Kathryn Hicks Visual Arts Building– and an outdoor facility for education and events – the Dr. Lawrence E. Roël Garden Pavilion.

“My husband and I believe in taking care of things that are local,” says Hicks. “That’s one of the great things about Spartanburg – one person can make a difference here.

“One scholarship here can make a difference.   
You don’t have to give fantastic amounts of money all at once. Give a little, give consistently, and it will add up. It will create a lasting legacy you can be proud of.”     


- Katie Hicks and Dr.Larry Roël  


 "If we are going to improve the standard of living in our community, it is in our collective best interest to invest in USC Upstate."

- Chris Crowley, Campaign Chair  

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