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Cogdell2Cecilia Cogdell
Retired USC Upstate Faculty Member

As a retired faculty member in USC Upstate’s Mary Black School of Nursing, I have personally witnessed the dedication and loyalty of our faculty and the energy of our students all across the University. But what is truly remarkable to me is the impact our campus has on the communities we serve. 

USC Upstate has proven to be a very significant driver of economic and professional development in the Upstate. For example, if you have received medical treatment in the Upstate, you have very likely been under the care of a graduate of our School of Nursing. If you have students in our public schools, it is quite possible that their teachers are graduates of our School of Education. And if you have conducted any business, you have probably encountered one of the graduates that The George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics is placing in local businesses and in companies all over the country and the world. 

I certainly do not consider my family to be wealthy. However, as a rather recent retiree and faithful supporter of USC Upstate, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that setting up an endowment to help students attend school was within my reach. For me, it was the right thing to do because this institution plays a vital role in our community and region. My allegiance to USC Upstate has only grown stronger over the years, and increasingly I value the University’s commitment to offering an education that is accessible, affordable, and academically strong.

The Upstate community and USC Upstate share a special partnership, each enhancing the other, and I trust that my family’s investment in the future will support and strengthen USC Upstate over the years ahead.

 "If we are going to improve the standard of living in our community, it is in our collective best interest to invest in USC Upstate."

- Chris Crowley, Campaign Chair  

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