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Dr. Alice Henderson: A Thank-You Gift with Long-Term Impact

Alice HendersonFor some, choosing to make contributions isn’t as difficult as deciding to whom or to what they’ll contribute.

For Dr. Alice Hatcher Henderson, professor emerita of history, it wasn’t a difficult decision, at all. She chose to give back to USC Upstate, a place where for 42 years she’s witnessed the profound change that has taken place not only on campus and with students, but in the overall Upstate community, as well.
And she chose to give in a way that would have lasting impact. She established a charitable gift annuity.

“I see this university as an important part of Spartanburg’s history, of Southern history,” she said. “This gift is a thank you to the university for the ways it has enhanced Spartanburg through its support of the educational, cultural and metropolitan endeavors over the years.”

Opting to establish a charitable gift annuity through the university afforded Dr. Henderson an opportunity to designate her gift and provided a benefit of income for herself, as well. By creating the Dr. Alice Hatcher Henderson Fund she has guaranteed a resource in perpetuity for the History, Political Science, Philosophy, and American Studies department.

A gift annuity can be a combination gift and investment. It is designed to maximize the benefit to both the donor and the recipient involved. In addition to the personal satisfaction for the donor, there is a tax savings, income for life, and freedom from investment responsibilities which can be set up by their will.
Gifts may be in the form of cash, appreciated securities, and real estate with only a portion of the annuity taxed as ordinary income.

“We all go into teaching because we want to have a lasting impact on the next generation, on the Upstate and the state,” Henderson emphasized. “Though that opportunity exists while we’re teaching, it’s nice to be able to also contribute in such a way as to ensure in some small part the continued growth and development of the university, as well as the progress and evolution of the community.”

Although the benefit is certainly mutual to both her and the university with the gift annuity option, Henderson points out that there are a variety of ways to give back.

“It’s important to realize that while we as individuals may lose our impact to singularly affect immediate change, our legacy of an endowment or gift annuity will collectively sustain the future of this university for generations to come,” she noted.

For more information about how to make your gift, contact Bea Walters Smith in the University Advancement office at 864-503-5209. 

 "If we are going to improve the standard of living in our community, it is in our collective best interest to invest in USC Upstate."

- Chris Crowley, Campaign Chair  

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