Professional Program Faculty Resources

Resources and Forms

Resources below are for "Faculty Use Only:"

Clinical/Practicum Request Form

SoE Certification Renewal Plan

SoE Certification Renewal Plan Pre-Approval Forms

SCDoE Change Form - needed to update a certificate

SCDoE Experience Verification Form - needed to add years of experience to certificate


USC Upstate ADEPT Initial/Pre Portfolio Assessment Form (enter Initial and Pre data here only)

Standards of Professional Conduct & Dispositions Form (for initial portfolio faculty only)

USC Upstate ADEPT Exit Portfolio Assessment Form (enter EXIT data here only)

USC Upstate ADEPT Directed Teaching Summary Assessment Form (enter final student teaching data here)

E-Portfolio Rubric

Dispositions Form

Expanded ADEPT 4.0 Formative Observation Form

Expanded ADEPT 4.0 Summative Form

Expanded ADEPT 4.0 Scoring Rubric

Teacher Work Sample Scoring Forms

Art Education TWS

Early Childhood TWS Scoring Form

Elementary TWS Scoring Form

Middle Level/Secondary TWS Scoring Form

Physical Education TWS Scoring Form

Special Education LD TWS Scoring Form

Early Childhood Forms

ECE Parent/Family Interview Scoring Form

ECE Child Case Study Scoring Form

Special Education Forms

Special Education Practicum Update Form

LD Program ADEPT & CEC Practicum Observation Form

Graduate Program Portfolio Assessment Forms

Formative Assessment Form

Summative Defense Assessment Form

Other Forms/Information

ADEPT Orientation Information (for cooperating teachers, clinical supervisors, & faculty)

ADEPT Verification Form - please complete this form after viewing the ADEPT Orientation presentation.