Welcome to USC Upstate!

Joining the Spartan Nation is not as easy as finding the best Upstate T-Shirt at the Bookstore. Spartans must undergo rigorous intentional training to fully acclimate to the academic goal at hand. Agoge is the USC Upstate way of helping you become a Spartan, not just through enrollment, but through activities that give you a head start as classes begin. Review the daily schedule and look through the Spartan Ready List to help fill your Agoge training schedule.

Download the full AGOGE Schedule PDF Document

AGOGE Schedule

All designated activities are required for all freshmen. Some activities will be at the same time for everyone and a few list optional sessions you may choose from. Win prizes! We have great giveaways and drawings for this week. Every time you attend an Agoge event, your name goes in a drawing held at the Convocation dinner that’s good for multiple $500 and $100 gift cards to the Bookstore. We will also award prizes at individual sessions. If you complete all tasks on this list, come by the Premiere Fair on Wednesday, Aug. 30 and you will receive your free Agoge T-shirt.