Spartans Care

Spartans Care is a campus-wide initiative that encourages USC Upstate students to support, respect and take responsibility for one another. Spartans Care strives to foster a community where students reach out to students in need and assist in referring them to appropriate resources on campus.

Spartan Nutritional Assistance Campaign (SNAC)
Current SNAC Pantry Needs (updated 11/10/17)

The pantry is seeing an increased need for donations of the following items:

  • Toiletry items: HIGH need for deodorant (shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.)
  • Dry pasta and pasta sauce
  • Pop top soups, pastas and other foods that can be heated/eaten directly from container
  • Snack type items (granola bars, fruit snacks, applesauce, etc.)
  • Canned meats
  • Peanut Butter (Creamy and Chunky) and Jelly 
  • Single serving fruits
  • Breakfast foods (individual serving cereal boxes, breakfast bars, oatmeal/grits)
  • Individual serving bags of chips

Monetary donations can also be made to the SNAC account through the USC Upstate Family Fund. To donate, please see our web page or drop off your donation to the foundation office located in the Administration Building. Make checks payable to the USC Upstate Foundation and put SNAC Food Pantry in the memo line. 

Mission Statement
The mission of the Spartan Nutritional Assistance Campaign (SNAC) is to provide food, nutritional information, and other basic necessitates to University of South Carolina Upstate students in need, as well as educate the campus population on poverty and hunger. 

Contribution to USC Upstateā€™s Mission
In line with the academic mission and core values of the University of South Carolina Upstate, SNAC will provide students with food and other basic necessities which will help reduce stress to aid in them being engaged as academic learners. SNAC will also educate student to help them engage in our local community and prepare them to participate at responsible citizens.

Purpose of SNAC

  • SNAC Food Pantry exists to collect and distribute food and other non-perishable items to USC Upstate students who are in emergency need throughout the year.
  • The food assistance portion of the Food Pantry is open to any USC Upstate student who does not currently have a meal plan. 
  • The Pantry will be operated on an honor system.
  • Any student, faculty, and staff can refer a student to The Pantry.
  • SNAC will provide a resource to students, faculty, and staff regarding poverty and hunger related issues as they pertain to USC Upstate students and the Greater Spartanburg Area.
  • SNAC will collect and analyze data from surveys sent out to students throughout the year as well as Pantry usage.

The Spartan Nutritional Assistance Campaign Food Pantry is a proud member of the College and University Food Bank Alliance (CUFBA).

For more information about SNAC, please contact Student Life at 864-503-5433.
The SNAC Pantry is located in the Office of Student Life in the Campus Life Center room 210 and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday.
Areas of Assistance

Counseling Services
The office of Counseling Services provides free and confidential comprehensive psychological services to full and part-time students. The office also offers support and information in the event of a psychological or emotional crisis.  

Dean of Students
The office of the Dean of Students works with students in personal, family, financial or academic crises to identify resources and options to help through difficult times. If a student may miss class for an extended period of time, the office will help notify and keep faculty informed about the situation.

Disability Services
The office of Disability Services at the University of South Carolina Upstate works to ensure that educational programming and services are accessible to students with disabilities.   

Health Services
The office of Health Services offers health care and education to all enrolled students on an outpatient basis. A nurse practitioner is available on a full-time basis by appointment. Our office offers a variety of informational health care flyers and brochures.   

Student Success Center
Includes Academic Support Services, Advising Services, Career Services and Opportunity Network, and exists to help students succeed in their studies, graduate from USC Upstate in a timely manner and begin a career or enroll in graduate studies. The Student Success Center also houses the USC Upstate Testing Center, tutoring programs, supplemental instruction and the early intervention program.

Dear Upstate Students,

RU OK? Many of you may wonder what this icon is all about and how it affects you. Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the number of students who have been in crisis along with the normal stress of their academic programs. This campaign is a way we hope to assist students who are in need.


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