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Disability Services

An Accessible University

Disability Services supports the ongoing development of an accessible university that embraces diversity through educational programming, services, resources and facilities that are usable by all members of the campus community.

Register With Us

We encourage all students with disabilities to register with our office in order to take full advantage of their USC Upstate educational opportunities. To register, click the button below and send any pertinent documentation you may have.  Once your application is reviewed, the office will contact you to set up an appointment with a member of our staff.

Register With Us

Typical accommodations provided by our office include:

  • Extended Time for Tests
  • Reduced Distraction Environment for Tests
  • Alternative format Textbooks
  • Screen Magnifiers
  • Braille
  • Text to Speech software
  • Others are Available according to Individual Need

Testing Proctor Sheet

It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to return the completed proctor sheet to the Disability Service Testing Center in the Campus Life Center (CLC) 107 a minimum of 5 BUSINESS DAYS prior to test administration.

Disability Services Proctor Sheet PDF Document Download

Our Accommodation Process

  • To request accommodations, students should contact the Disability Services office and set up an initial meeting with a staff member. During the collaborative meeting, information will be shared about the nature of the disability and barriers to equal access. Some accommodations require significant lead time, such as scheduling sign language interpreters,and alternative textbook formats, so students should begin the request process well in advance of the start of their first academic semester.

  • Information shared during the initial meeting will be the primary source for the determination of reasonable accommodations. Secondary sources may include information from a medical professional, the results of psychoeducational testing, the results of a response-to-intervention plan, a 504 Plan or IEP, documentation from the VA, a completed verification form from our office or another form of information about the disability. Since each student and each disability is uniquely different, we cannot know what will be needed in order to determine reasonable accommodations in advance of the initial meeting. Students are welcome to bring any documentation they have to the initial meeting.

  • Students should be prepared to discuss the impact of their disability in the academic environment, their history of accommodations and the accommodations being requested. This information, with the results of the documentation review, will help determine reasonable accommodations for the student.

  • When decisions are made regarding accommodations, Faculty Notification Letters are given to the student. The student must take the Faculty Notification Letter to their individual professors and be prepared to discuss the impact of their disability and how the requested accommodations will support them in the classroom. Accommodations will not be put in place until students have completed the initial meeting. Students must request accommodation letters for each successive semester.

    Please contact Disability Services with any questions at 864-503-5199.