Grievances and Complaints

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Student Grievances, Complaints, and Feedback

Should you wish to raise a concern or provide feedback during your time at USC Upstate, we are here to listen and respond.  Please complete these forms with as much detail as possible.  We promise that your issue will receive the care it deserves.

Academic Grievances

Academic grievances are when you feel you have been treated improperly during a semester, and that treatment has resulted in an unfair decision regarding your academic work. Final grade grievances and unfair dismissal from a program are examples of academic grievances.

Report an Academic Grievance PDF Icon following these procedures PDF Icon


Complaints arise when you experience dissatisfactions in academic or non-academic areas of campus and have been unable to resolve them through normal communication channels.

Academic Complaint
Unresolved dissatisfaction with an academic issue other than grading that adversely affects your academic progress or academic experience such as feedback, communication, or academic advising.

Non-Academic Complaint
Unresolved dissatisfaction arising from any non-academic condition that you believe is unjust or creates an unnecessary hardship.

General Complaint or unsure of type of complaint
Concern about an action, practice, or decision within the control of the University that you believe should be changed to improve the overall quality of education and student experience.

Report an Academic, Non-Academic, or General Complaint


Unlawful Discrimination
Any discriminatory treatment or conduct based upon one or more of the following categories – race, sex, gender, age, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, genetics, veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions.

Title IX Violation
Any incident that violates university policy and the federal guidelines of Title IX. Includes any acts of sexual violence, sexual misconduct or sexual harassment involving members/and or visitors of the USC Upstate campus community.

Bias Incident
Any bias-related incidents involving members of the USC Upstate campus community that do not fit the definition of Unlawful Discrimination or a Title IX Violation.

Report Unlawful Discrimination, a Title IX Violation, or a Bias Incident

Disability Services Barrier

Disability Services Barrier
Barriers that can prevent those with disabilities from fully accessing programs, services, or activities at the university. Accessibility barriers may include a non-accessible access ramps, restrooms, websites, or other barriers.

Report a Disability Services Barrier

Feedback and kudos

USC Upstate values student feedback even when there is no specific grievance or complaint. Feedback helps to improve students’ experiences and increase efficiency or fairness of processes even if there has been no direct mistreatment or concern raised by a student. 

Campus Kudos helps us recognize when a department or person is providing excellent service. Please use the forms to communicate your experiences.

Near-Campus Housing 
We want your feedback about our near-campus housing. If you have information to share, please complete the form below:

Near-Campus Housing Feedback