On-Campus Employment

Student employment is an integral part of the educational and professional development of USC Upstate students.

Working while in college not only helps finance an education, it also develops essential job and life-long learning skills and provides opportunities to network and connect with faculty, staff and fellow students. The experience gained is instrumental in preparing students for the job market after graduation and beyond.

How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of working part-time while attending school

  • Studies show that students who work up to 20 hours a week do just as well or even better academically than those who don't. Working only 12-15 hours a week (as most students do) shouldn't affect your grades.
  • Studies also show that students who work on campus are more likely to persist in their studies. Through your job, you'll become better acquainted with faculty, staff, and other students.
  • Part-time work allows you to:
    • Perfect time-management skills necessary for academic success
    • Reduce your need for student loans and the resulting indebtedness
    • Gain career-related experience as you clarify goals, acquire skills and self-confidence, and build a network of contacts
  • USC Upstate graduates attribute part-time on-campus employment as a valued source of career-related experience and often credit it to their post-graduation success.

The Financial Aid office supports students regarding educational financial assistance. Federal work-study is awarded by the Financial Aid office. Students who have been awarded work-study must find a job on campus to earn the designated award. Career Services assists student and faculty with internships and post-graduation employment.

View Current Job Openings

Human Resources posts job opportunities, assists students with I-9 and W-4 forms, and enters student payroll. Required I-9 and W-4 forms must be completed by the end of the first day of paid work or prior to starting to work.

USC Upstate participates in E-Verify to confirm employment eligibility of all newly hired student employees. To learn more about E-Verify, including your rights and responsibilities, please visit www.dhs.gov/e-verify.