Grades and Transcripts

A transcript of students' records carries admission data, current status, a detailed statement of the scholastic record showing courses pursued with semester hours carried, semester hours earned, grades, grade points, and system of grading. All failures, incomplete grades and penalties such as probation, suspension or other restrictions are also indicated. No partial record is issued.

Ordering a Transcript

Official transcripts are processed through University of South Carolina Columbia. Complete instructions for requesting an official transcript are available on the USC registrar's web pages.

If you’d like an official transcript, you can order one online. The university does not accept faxed or emailed transcript requests.

Students Who Attended Fall 2013 and Later
If you are a student who began Fall 2013 or later, you can order a transcript using Self Service Carolina.  

Students Who Attended Before Fall 2013
If you were a student earlier than Fall 2013, your transcript is available through Parchment Ordering Services. With the exception of copies made for internal university use, no copy of a student's records is released anywhere (including the state department of education) without the student's written consent, unless required by law or court order.

Grade Point Scale

The University of South Carolina grades on a standard 4.0 grading system.

  Grade   Description   Quality Point  
  A   Excellent   4.0  
  B+   Very Good   3.5  
  B   Good   3.0  
  C+   Above Average   2.5  
  C   Average   2.0  
  D+   Below Average   1.5  
  D   Poor   1.0  
  F   Failure   0.0