Tips and Tools

How did I get in this course?

Don’t get confused and “accidentally” register for a course off campus. Section numbers are important! Be sure to watch the section numbers for each course to determine delivery format, times and even campus location before you register.


  • BADM U298 - 1B is taught at the downtown JCBE campus
  • ARTH U101 - 1W is an online course
  • NURS U306 - 3G is taught at the Greenville campus

The helpful chart below will help determine the campus location for courses. 

Code Type / Campus
B JCBE downtown campus
G Greenville campus          
W online course
D Dual Enrollment course (high school students only)
M Hybrid course (online course with some class meetings)
V Video Conference course
H Honors course
SA Scholars Academy course (Scholars Academy students only)

How can I verify my schedule?

Students should check their class schedule on after registration, at mid-term and prior to final exams to verify they are attending the classes for which they've registered. Any discrepancies should be reported to the Records Office at or 864-503-5220.

How do I avoid having my classes canceled?

To avoid having your schedule canceled for nonpayment make sure your fees are paid and/or your financial aid applied by the deadline. When you pay online, you will receive a payment transaction number (similar to a receipt) that assures you that your bill has been paid and “locks in” your classes.