Cable Equipment and Channels

Cable television is provided free of charge to each residential room and apartment on campus. Since 2014, the university has used Campus Televideo as the cable provider. Campus Televideo offers about 96 channels, including 48 HD channels for our residential students.

QAM Tuners

To receive all of the available channels, students should bring HD/digital ready televisions. Your digital television must have a QAM tuner (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) to be compatible with the cable service. The QAM tuner gives your television the ability to receive high definition cable programming without purchasing a cable box. Unfortunately, there are less expensive televisions on the market that are equipped with a low quality QAM tuner that may not allow all of the digital channels to come through. Listed below are examples from our cable provider of devices that are not equipped with a QAM tuner. The Housing and Residential Life Office cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. We recommend verifying the specifications when purchasing your television and keeping the receipt until you have the television programmed and working in your room. 

Make/Models not equipped with QAM Tuner

Dynex DX-32L151A11
Element Do not appear to have QAM tuners
Emerson LC320EM2F
Insignia Do not appear to have QAM tuners
LG Models made prior to 2007
Magnavox P2MF23ID/37
Samsung Models made prior to 2009
Sharp 32″ Aquos
Sony Models make prior to 2007
Sylvania Do not appear to have QAM tuners
Toshiba Models made prior to 2007
Westinghouse DWM32H1G1

It is important that you program your TV (please see the tab labeled "Setting Up Your TV") to receive the channels.

If you are experiencing trouble with your cable, please submit a maintenance request. Our maintenance team will arrange a time to troubleshoot the problem and find a resolution as quickly as possible.


Cable Channel Line-Up

3.1 CBS – WBTV
3.2 Bounce TV
3.3 Grit
4.1 NBC – WYFF
4.2 This TV
7.1 CBS – WSPA
7.2 Me TV
13.1 ABC – WLOS
13.2 My Network TV
13.3 WLOS–SD
40.1 MNT – WMYA
40.2 Get TV
40.3 Zuus Country
49.1 PBS – WRET
49.2 Create/PBS Kids
49.3 ETVW
62.1 CW – WCYW
63.1-9 Channel Guide
65.1 Headline News
65.2 The Weather Channel
65.3 TBS
65.4 ION Television
65.5 tru-TV
65.6 RFD TV
65.7 Travel Channel
65.8 Learning Channel
65.9 Discovery Fit & Health
66.1 HBO West
66.2 HBO 2 West
66.3 HBO Family West
66.4 Sundance
66.5 Turner Classic Movies
66.6 Reelz Channel
66.7 Lifetime Movie Network
66.8 Woman’s Entertainment
66.9 Hallmark Channel
67.1 TV Land
67.2 GSN
67.3 VH1
67.4 MTV 2
67.5 UP
67.6 Christian Television Network
67.7 The Word Network
67.8 Univision
67.9 TBD
68.1 TBD
68.2 TBD
68.3 TV Guide Network
70.1 ESPN HD
70.2 ESPN 2 HD
71.1 ESPN News HD
72.1 Sports South HD
72.2 Fox Sports South
73.1 Velocity HD
74.1 A&E HD
74.2 USA HD
75.1 FX HD
75.2 Animal Planet HD
76.1 ABC Family HD
76.2 Nickelodeon HD
77.1 Disney HD
77.2 Cartoon Network HD
78.1 E! Entertainment HD
78.2 Comedy HD
79.1 Spike HD
79.2 Syfy HD
80.1 BET HD
80.2 MTV HD
81.1 CMT HD
81.2 Investigation Discovery HD
82.1 National Geographic HD
82.2 Discovery Channel HD
83.1 History Channel HD
83.2 HGTV HD
84.1 Bravo HD
84.2 Lifetime HD
85.1 Food Network HD
85.2 CNN HD
86.2 FOX News HD
87.1 BBC America HD
87.2 AMC HD
88.1 HBO HD
88.2 HBO 2 HD
89.1 HBO Comedy HD
89.2 HBO Family East HD
90.1 HBO Signature East HD
90.2 HBO Zone East HD
91.1 5 Star Max HD
91.2 Action Max HD
92.1 Cinemax HD
92.2 More Max HD
93.1 Thriller Max HD
93.2 WMAX HssssssD