How To...

You have questions, we have answers! Our most frequently asked questions are answered below. For any other questions, contact the HRL office at 864-503-5422 or send us an email.

Lofting Your Bed

Housing and Residential Life at USC Upstate offers two bed configurations to fit the comfort of every resident while they are away from home.

Standard BedStandardBed

  • 30 inches from the floor
  • All rooms will be at this height upon resident arrival

Lifted BedLiftedBed

  • 39 inches from the floor


Opening Your Mailbox
  1. Turn left at least four times. Stop at your first number.
  2. Turn right and skip your first number. Then go directly to your second number after you have skipped it once.
  3. Turn left until you reach your third number.
  4. Turn slowly to the right while pulling the door open.

Don't forget to secure your mailbox after opening it. Close and turn the dial to the left to lock the mailbox after it has been opened. If you still have problems, please stop by the HRL office for assistance.

Laundry Alert

LaundryAlert allows a resident to determine the status of his/her laundry from his/her computer and allows residents to receive a text message when his/her laundry is done.