Undeclared Students

Kudos for Making A commitment to explore major options

Selecting the best major for you is a process of learning more about yourself, exploring and researching major and careers, and finally making and evaluating any decisions you have come to. We are committed to partnering with you in this exploratory process!

The Student Success Center is the “major department” for undeclared and exploring students.

If you have not formally declared a major, or if you are considering changing your major, we invite you to make an appointment with the Undeclared Academic Advisor/Career Coach, Amber Puckette through Starfish or call 864-503-5124.

What does “ undeclared” mean?

 "Undeclared" is a term used by the university for students who have not decided on or declared a major. Other institutions use terms such as "undecided" or "exploratory." "Undeclared" is also sometimes used by students who are changing their major and wish to be formally undeclared during the transition time between majors.

When am I required to declare my major?

Undergraduate students without a major are strongly encouraged to declare a major by the time they have completed 45 credit hours. Undergraduate students must declare a major by the time they have completed 60 credit hours.  

How do I declare my major?

You may change your major by completing the following Change of Major Form. This process takes place through the Registration and Records department. You will need to use your USC Upstate e-mail name and password to sign into the form.

Where do I go to get help with choosing a major?

Choosing a major can be a challenge; start your exploration journey with our Major Exploration Plan: Major Exploration Plan PDF icon

Make an appointment with Amber Puckette, the Undeclared Academic Advisor/Career Coach, through Starfish.

Can I change from a declared major to undeclared?

Yes, see the Undeclared Academic Advisor/Career Coach in order to start exploring majors. You must still declare a major by 60 credit hours.

While I am undeclared how do I know that I will be on track for my degree?

It is important to meet with the Undeclared Academic Advisor at least once per semester for advice about completing General Education requirements and to assist with declaration of a major. The faster a decision is made about declaring a major the more likely you will be on track for a degree.

Until a decision is made regarding a major, courses that fulfill General Education (GE) requirements should be taken. However, the longer the major exploration process is delayed, the likelihood increases of missing opportunities to select courses that can double count for the major as well as GE.

Since I do not have a major yet, how do I know which classes to take?

You have access to the Undeclared Academic Advisor/Career Coach, who will assist you in selecting courses.

Students who are exploring their options and have not declared a major can take General Education courses that are broadly applicable to graduation requirements, introductory courses in majors of potential interest (some of these may fulfill General Education requirements), as well as elective courses that are designed for first-year college students (University 101 or other appropriate courses).


Major Exploration Events

Major and Career Exploration Sessions are hosted by the Student Success Center, and take students through the steps of the career decision-making process.


Majors and Minors at USC Upstate

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Congratulations on finding and choosing your major! Your next step is to complete a Change of Major Form.