Impact Agenda 2018-2023

Up. Together

Equity Civility Wellness Image

In accord with Up. Together – The USC Upstate Strategic Plan 2018-2023, three values have been designated to capture the energy surrounding our University’s exponential growth and expanding regional footprint, our continuing commitment to student and employee excellence across all of our learning and working environments, as well as our role as a public, regional comprehensive university in service to the citizens of the Upstate of South Carolina. Those values are Wellness, Equity and Civility and each one serves as the foundation for corresponding initiatives that seek to strengthen our organizational/operational practices and deliver on the promise of creating transformative opportunities for our students, our workforce and our region.


Wellness is the creation and maintenance of the environmental conditions necessary to produce positive and healthy physical, emotional, behavioral, and educational outcomes rooted in minimizing harm


Equity is our shared commitment to operational processes, practices and spaces that affirm identity, promote inclusion, and ensure the conditions of fairness in our campus community and beyond.


Civility is the embodiment of professionalism in both our interpersonal communication and our conduct to demonstrate humility and respect for the humanity of others

Each value is representative of this USC Upstate's commitment to address opportunities for innovation through: 

  • Evidence-based decision-making and alignment of University resources
  • Continuous assessment, evaluation and feedback across all levels of the University
  • The delivery of specific, measurable outcomes and actions in full alignment with University goals that become embedded in USC Upstate’s organizational culture and practices.