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Public Health and Counseling Resources

Protect Yourself and Others

Please continue to check our website for the latest information about COVID-19 this fall. If you need medical assistance, reach out to Health Services at 864-503-5191. If you're dealing with stress related to the effects of COVID-19, grieving the loss of someone you love to coronavirus, or just feeling isolated, we encourage students to reach out to USC Upstate Counseling Services, and employees to contact Employee Assistance Program.

You may upload your vaccine records or schedule an online appointment with Health Services through the MyHealth portal below.

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If You've Tested Positive

Calculate Dates of Absence
  1. Go to the CDC quarantine and isolation calculator and click "Get Started."
  2. Write down the dates you may have been around others.
  3. DO NOT contact Health Services. Students, communicate dates of absence directly to your professor(s). Employees, report dates of absence directly to your supervisor.
Notify Close Contacts
Notify close contacts that you've tested positive - Go to What to Do If You Were Exposed to COVID-19 for more information.
Anti-Viral and Therapeutic Treatments are Available

COVID-19 Anti-Viral and Therapeutic Treatments are available and must be started quickly. Treatment is important for those who are high risk: 

  •  If you are age 50+, take any medications for a chronic illness, or are immunocompromised, you may qualify for treatment. 
  • Contact your PCP, report your positive test, and ask about anti-viral treatment if you fit any of the above criteria.
  • If you are high risk, and do not have, or are unable to reach your PCP, you may call Health Services at (864)503-5191.