COVID-19 Prevention

Information About COVID-19 Prevention

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COVID-19 Vaccines

We recommended all individuals get vaccinated and boosted before the start of fall semester.

  • If you are over age 50, or immunocompromised, 2 boosters are recommended.
  • If you are aged 5-49, 1 booster is currently recommended. If you are not yet boosted, make your appointment at a local pharmacy as soon as possible.

Vaccines remain very effective in preventing hospitalization, death, and severe outcomes from COVID-19 for additional information regarding vaccines. 

South Carolina Department of Health (SC DHEC) Vaccine Information 

CDC Vaccine and Booster Information  

CDC Prevention Guide

If you have already received your COVID-19 vaccine, please submit through the MyHealth portal below.


Though not mandatory, wearing masks is highly recommended in accordance with CDC Guidelines.

COVID-19 Testing

It is critical for all to have home testing supplies on hand, and free tests are readily available. If you are experiencing symptoms or think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, we advise you to self-test. USC Upstate Health Services offers COVID-19 testing when medical care is indicated. You may contact Health Services at (864)503-5191, or make an appointment at

  • Campus Health Hubs: Free COVID-19 self-test kits are available at the following locations:
    • Library Information Desk (open evenings and weekends)
    • The George Johnson Building Dean's Suite (2nd floor)
    • Palmetto and Magnolia House Front Desks (for residential students only)
    • Health Services, Rampey and University Way Clinics
  • DHEC Testing Information
  • Order Free Self-Test Kits
  • Walk in and get up to 10 free tests at Spartanburg County DHEC, 151 W. Wood Street, Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 pm.

If You've Tested Positive

Many individuals are able to manage symptoms at home using over-the-counter treatments for fever and congestion. However, if you are experiencing symptoms you believe need evaluation and medical management from a clinical staff member, you may contact Health Services at (864)503-5191 for health care needs. If you seek routine care from a PCP off campus, we encourage you to work with the provider who knows your health best in managing your care whenever possible. If you are over age 50, immunocompromised, or have high-risk medical conditions, please review information on antiviral treatments. 

Calculate Dates of Absence
  1. Go to the CDC quarantine and isolation calculator and click "Get Started."
  2. Write down the dates you may have been around others.
  3. Students, communicate dates of absence directly to your professor(s). Employees, report dates of absence directly to your supervisor.
Notify Close Contacts
Notify close contacts that you've tested positive - click here for more information.
Anti-Viral and Therapeutic Treatments are Available

COVID-19 Anti-Viral and Therapeutic Treatments are available and must be started quickly. Treatment is important for those who are high risk: 

  •  If you are age 50+, take any medications for a chronic illness, or are immunocompromised, you may qualify for treatment. 
  • Contact your PCP, report your positive test, and ask about anti-viral treatment if you fit any of the above criteria.
  • If you are high risk, and do not have, or are unable to reach your PCP, you may call Health Services at (864)503-5191.