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PeopleSoft FAQs

  • All budget/finance submissions must use PS Chartstrings.
  • Use the “Crosswalk” (Main Menu>USC Conversion>USC Chartfield Mapping) to convert Legacy codes to PS Chartstrings, or vice-versa.
  • Use your Favorites to save navigation time.  You can rename favorite descriptions to best meet your filing needs.
  • USC Payment Request Inquiry – This module allows you track the status of any payment request submitted.

Queries to Favorite:

  • SC_Vouchers_R1 – use available information to find vouchered payments.
  • SC_EX_RA_USER_Inquiry_Prompts – To check the Expense Report Status by employee, department, etc.  Periodically using this query will catch expense reports that generally are not signed by the traveler.  This could have a major budget impact if expenses are not kept in the right fiscal year. This Query should be run at least quarterly and monthly as we draw nearer to yearend close.