About the Lightboard Studio

The USC Upstate Lightboard Studio offers instructors new options for delivering recorded content for online or flipped classrooms. Using the glass lightboard, instructors face the camera while drawing diagrams, formulas, or notes to illustrate the points in their lectures. The instructor writes as usual on the lightboard. The image is then inverted during the recording process so that students watching the lecture video are seeing the written information properly. The high-contrast black background with illuminated writing helps deliver the content clearly in video form. 

How to Use: 
  1. Book an Appointment in the Lightboard Studio in the George, Room 233. For your first recording, we recommend that you also book a Technology Applications appointment with a CAIFS Team Member to help you with set-up. 
  2. Receive an email with the secure keypad code to the studio. 
  3. Follow the steps for using the lightboard studio for recording lecturesPDF Format  or steps for conducting synchronous meetings in the lightboard studio,PDF Format including logging into the Recording account on the studio computer, opening up the recording software, turning on the lightboard and studio lights, clipping the curtains closed, attaching your mic, and saving your video to Yuja to edit, caption, and publish. Numbered signs throughout the room guide you through the steps as well.
photo of illuminated lightboard in the lightboard studio