Syllabus Resources

Additional Resources

The syllabus is an important communication tool for all students, but for remote, hybrid, and online students, it provides the whole infrastructure for all course interactions. The syllabus is the narrative that introduces the course goals, gives students a window into your personality through your tone and voice, and helps them structure their relationship to course materials and their routine for the whole term. Its purpose is to initiate a conversation about learning that will extend over several months.

The syllabus plays a role in welcoming students into the learning environment, establishing communication expectations, and fostering growth mindset. The following resources are available to help you streamline your syllabus design.

Writing the Syllabus

Blackboard-Ready Syllabus Elements

Sharing syllabus elements in text format within your Blackboard courses helps students gain instant access to your course resources without downloading and opening files. Use Course Copy features in Blackboard to add Blackboard-ready syllabus statements and the most updated policies and student resource links into your courses. 

  • Faculty teaching in Original Course View can course copy individual pages or the entire CAIFS-UPSTATE Learning Design Course into your courses.  Follow Enrollment Request Instructions.PDF Format
  • Faculty teaching in Ultra Course View can email to request to be added to the UPSTATE-TEMPLATE-SANDBOX course.