Promotion and Tenure

August 2021 Peer Review Information Session: Slides and Video

The Promotion and Tenure Committee recommends to the faculty criteria for promotion and tenure and sets procedures for the implementation of promotion and tenure policies, subject to approval by the faculty. Within each academic unit, tenured and tenure-track faculty members formulate specific unit criteria for promotion and tenure; these unit criteria are approved by the Promotion and Tenure Committee. The Promotion and Tenure Committee, in accordance with approved University criteria and procedures and with specific unit criteria, reviews and makes recommendations to the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Chancellor regarding the granting of promotion and tenure. The Committee hears appeals of post tenure reviews and makes recommendations to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

promotion and tenure review

This section contains information on the review process for promotion and tenure. Documents below are available in Adobe PDF PDF Document and Microsoft Word Microsoft Word Document format.

P&T Policy

Policies about promotion and tenure review can be found in Chapter 5 in the 2021 Faculty Manual

Faculty Manual Appendices Related to Promotion and Tenure

Calendar, File Guidelines and Procedures

For information on the schedule for promotion and tenure reviews, how to put together the file, and the procedures for candidates and reviewers, please refer to the Guide to Promotion and Tenure Review: Calendar, File Guidelines and Procedures. For information on the platform used to submit review files, see the CAIFS Chalk and Wire Tutorials.

The Promotion and Tenure File Guidelines were approved by the USC Upstate Promotion and Tenure Committee, March 2019, and by the USC Upstate Faculty, May 2021.

Here are the two calendars related to Promotion and Tenure review: the Master Calendar of Faculty Reviews and a more detailed P&T calendar specific to the upcoming or current academic year.  

Master Calendar of Faculty Review PDF  
Promotion and Tenure Review Calendar 2021-2022


Promotion and Tenure Review Workshop, Spring 2021

[Techsmith Relay]

Workshop Presentation


Here are the forms needed for the Summary Binder:

Summary File Organization for Classroom Faculty


Summary Binder Checklist for Classroom Faculty


Summary File Organization for Library Faculty Word

Summary Binder Checklist for Library Faculty


Forms for the Peer Review Committee

Faculty Review Form (Classroom Faculty) Word
Faculty Review Form (Library Faculty) Word
Peer Review Individual Ballot for Promotion Word
Peer Review Individual Ballot for Tenure Word
Peer Review Summary Voting Form for Promotion Word

Peer Review Summary Voting Form for Tenure


Forms for the P&T Committee

P&T Review Form for Promotion Word
P&T Committee Summary Form for Candidate Requesting Tenure Word
P&T Committee Summary Form for Candidate Requesting Promotion Word
P&T Reconsideration Form for Candidates Requesting Tenure Word
P&T Reconsideration Form for Candidates Requesting Promotion Word

3rd Year review

Information about the 3rd year review is described in Chapter 5 and Appendix 7 of the 2021 Faculty Manual and 

Master Calendar of Faculty Review PDF
3rd Year Review Calendar 2021-2022 PDF
3rd Year Review File Preparation Guidelines  PDF

Post tenure review

Master Calendar of Faculty Review PDF
Post Tenure Review Calendar (2021-2022) PDF
Post Tenure Review Procedures Word
Post Tenure File Preparation Guidelines See pages 55-58 from Chapter 5 of the 2021 Faculty Manual and content from Appendix VII & VIII 
Post Tenure Review Evaluation Form  PDF

Unit Criteria

The unit criteria posted below represent the most current version. The following documents are in Adobe PDF format PDF Document

George Dean Johnson, Jr., College of Business and Economics
School of Education, Human Performance, and Health
Mary Black School of Nursing
Department of Fine Arts and Communication Studies
Department of History, Political Science, Philosophy, and American Studies
Department of Informatics and Engineering Systems
Division of Languages, Literature and Composition
Department of Psychology
Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women’s Studies
Division of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Division of Natural Sciences and Engineering

Miscellaneous Information

Peer and Aspirant Institutions List

Committee Members

24 Ona Egbue

24 Andrew Beer 

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24 Camille McCutcheon  

24 Anselm Omoike 

Greta Freeman Profile Photo
23 Greta Freeman 

23 Elizabeth Cole

24 David Wallace

22 Andy Myers

24 Dawn Henderson


photo portrait Dr. Bennie Harris
Bennie Harris

David Schecter