Student Services Committee

The Student Services Committee consists of one faculty member from each of the professional schools, one faculty from the library, and three faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences (with no more than one member from a single department or division), and one student representative appointed annually by the Chancellor from nominations submitted by the Student Government Association. The Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Services, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services, the Dean of Students, and the Registrar are ex officio members.

The Committee has the responsibility to monitor the success with which the services and resources of the library, computer services, and all other academic support units meet the needs of the University and the community. Any policy of any academic support unit that affects its patrons may be reviewed at the discretion of the Committee.

The Committee is responsible for recommendations to the Faculty Senate regarding admission and continuation policies within University guidelines and the Academic Honor Code and Campus Discipline Code. The Committee reviews proposals for student programs and it awards grants to those that satisfy the Committee’s criteria. The Committee reviews and selects Foundation Scholarships and reviews and determines appeals for students who are not making satisfactory academic progress, in accord with federal statute.

At least every three years, the Committee considers admission and continuation policies within University guidelines and, where advisable, recommends to the Faculty Senate and the Chancellor modifications to these policies. The Committee may suspend normal entrance and continuation requirements for individual students, as permitted by University guidelines. The Committee may establish special procedures for reviewing student applicants during summer terms. The student member of the Committee does not participate in deliberations of any student appeals.

Committee Members

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24 Tracey Miller

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Melissa Pilgrim

23 Julie Wade

23 James Newton

23 Jennifer Gray

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25 Walter Lee

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Shuang Hundley




photo portrait Dr. Bennie Harris
Bennie Harris

Donette Stewart
Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services

Mary-David Fox
Mary-David Fox