Introduction to Proposed Changes to the Faculty Manual

Hello and Welcome! As you have probably heard by now, our Faculty Manual is undergoing extensive revisions. At the General Faculty meeting in August, I announced plans to produce a Faculty Manual that is more streamlined and user-friendly, and one that offers a better guide to faculty employment at an institution moving into its next stage of development.

The revision process began last summer by identifying weak spots in the manual and considering various ways to improve it. Proposed changes were initially shared with relevant faculty groups (Faculty Advisory Committee, Promotion & Tenure Committee, and Faculty Welfare) in order to begin the discussion of those ideas. An outline of the proposed changes, including summary descriptions, full text, and links to other relevant information, is now available on the website for review by the full faculty.

Faculty can participate in the campus-wide discussion and offer feedback during the Public Comment period in January and February. To give you a sense of the schedule for the revision process, and where the various meetings and discussion fit within the overall process, please see this calendar.  

Keep in mind the systematic and holistic approach guiding the revision process so far. This means that careful consideration was given to the overarching framework laid out in the Table of Contents. Individual chapters were crafted to cover discrete areas related to faculty employment but also to work together as a whole. The same logic applies to multiple changes within chapters – consider the parts in relation to each other and to the overall system of policies and procedures.

Feel free to address or raise questions about any of the proposed changes in the various chapters. At this point in the process, the purpose of the discussion is not to arrive at final conclusions but to explore options and consider the merits of different ideas. Your willingness to read through the documents and spend time talking about how to make the Faculty Manual better is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to provide more feedback.

Lizabeth Zack

Chair, Faculty Senate

Professor of Sociology