Final Draft and Voting

We are moving into the final stage of the faculty manual revision process! 

Final Draft - The final draft of the Faculty Manual is now available for faculty to review, and eventually vote on in coming weeks. For an abbreviated version, see this Summary of Proposed Changes to the Faculty Manual

Explanation of Changes - The final draft includes changes proposed throughout this past year. Many of the proposed changes were integrated and explained in an earlier draft, which can be viewed on the Outline for the Faculty Manual. More recent changes were incorporated as a result of faculty feedback from the public comment (see the Report on the Public Comment) and are highlighted in yellow in the final draft. The sections highlighted in yellow, with corresponding footnotes, are addressed to faculty and are for information only. The highlights and footnotes will disappear in the polished final draft that will be submitted to the Board of Trustees. For those taking interest in the faculty manual changes for the first time, see this Introduction to the Proposed Changes for an orientation to the process. 

Discussion Forum - A faculty forum to discuss the proposed changes is scheduled for Friday April 26, 12 - 2 pm, CLC (before the last Senate meeting). 

Voting - Faculty manual changes will be voted on electronically during a two-day vote, on Wednesday and Thursday May 1-2 (exact times for opening and closing will be announced). This way, the results can be calculate and announced at the General Faculty meeting (Friday May 3). To get an idea of what the ballot will look like, see this Sample Ballot with Description and Rationale for Changes.  

FAQ - For other questions about the final phase and implications of the changes, see this FAQ sheet

If you have any questions, please contact Lizabeth Zack, Chair of the Faculty Senate.