Post-Tenure Review Policy

As of early April, 2020, we are suspending any formal, faculty-wide voting on proposed Faculty Manual changes, including on the proposed Post-Tenure Review policy, until next academic year. Meanwhile, the work of producing a meaningful and compensatory Post-Tenure Review policy that recognizes sustained high quality faculty work in the years after tenure continues. 

Efforts to improve our Post-Tenure Review Policy (PTR) extend back a few years. More recent work during the 2019-2020 academic year has built on these efforts. A version of the policy was posted here in January for faculty review. Discussions about how to address faculty concerns continued into February and March. This feedback resulted in another revised version of the proposal.

Key changes incorporated into this newest version include:

  • A single standard for meeting and exceeding expectations, not tied to rank
  • Standard for meeting expectations equivalent to standard for tenure
  • More checks inserted into the improvement process

As before, two documents are available for faculty to review:

Post-Tenure Review Policy – Draft Proposal - April 28 2020  PDF Document Icon

Implementation Guidance – Draft Proposal – April 28 2020 PDF Document Icon 

The PTR policy proposal, if approved by faculty, would be placed in the core part of the Faculty Manual and would therefore need Board of Trustee approval. The Implementation Guidance with its procedural guidelines for implementing the policy (i.e. details about compensation, eligibility, and who goes up when, etc.) would be placed in the Appendix and housed in the Office of the Provost.

If you’re wondering how your salary may be affected by the policy, take a look at these scenarios. Faculty Increases Over Time - 4 Scenarios 

Also, you can compare this current PTR proposal to our current policy .

This current proposal will remain available to faculty throughout the summer. In the interest of continuing to collect, share, and integrate faculty feedback, we will keep the survey and discussion board open throughout the summer. See instructions below:

1)      Digital discussion – you can post on the Blackboard faculty discussion board. To enroll, follow these instructions (here are more detailed instructions): 

  1. Log in to Blackboard
  2. Once logged in, go to this BB webpage.
  3. Click where it says “Click here to enroll”
  4. Click the green “+ Enroll” link on the left, NOT the Log In link on the right.
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. Once on the Upstate Faculty Discussion Board page, click on the Discussion link on the left side to find the thread on the Post-Tenure Review proposal 

2)      Survey – you can also provide anonymous written feedback via this survey link. 

 Survey on Proposed Post-Tenure Review Policy