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Coffee & Conversation

To encourage the connections which enhance student retention (Song, et al,, 2018), The Office of Service Learning and Community Engagement (thanks to support from Sodexo and Academic Affairs) offers a Coffee & Conversation program for instructors and students of officially designated SL/CE courses to meet outside the classroom. Mentors for SL/CE without a course may apply as well, but may be asked to detail their mentoring work. 


OSL/CE will pay for any instructor in any SL/CE course to invite 1-4 of their students to coffee @ PerkUP! or lunch at the cafeteria. OSL/CE will pay for the instructor multiple times, but only one time per student per semester. SL/CE faculty/staff mentors may also apply to participate; please send a brief explanation of your SL/CE work and students involvement in it to to be added to the "approved" list.  

One approach to this program is to use this as an opportunity to meet with students who may be struggling in your course.

Another suggestion is that you offer all your students the opportunity to replace a formal written reflection with a reflective conversation. Again, you may choose to meet with up to 4 students at one time.


  • Fill out this very simple request form 
  • Upon completion of the form, you will be emailed tickets for yourself and your student(s)
  • Redeem the tickets at the cashier's station
  • Fill out the very brief survey that will be emailed to both you and your students following your meeting.

Please direct all questions to Dave Marlow or

Thank you for your dedication to our campus, our community, and our students. Keep up the good work! 


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