Forms and Templates

Links to FORMS are offered here as a shortcut for those who are already familiar with the background of each. Each of these has an associated "Overview" page. If you have not explored these yet, please do so before completing a form. 

As TEMPLATES have no associated "Overview" pages, a short description is provided here for each. Each of the templates employs yellow highlighting to clearly identify information that will need to be adjusted by instructors. 

  • Service Learning Contract
    This classroom tool has no official power beyond your course, so you are welcome to modify this in any way that suits your needs. Key suggested components include SLOs (to be updated based on your individual selections & end-of-course assessment) and commitment statements for students, community partners, and instructors. The second page is designed to capture details of when service will be completed together with a backup plan. 

  • Service Trip Waiver 
    This legal document should be used for field trips when you are transporting multiple students to a single service site in a University vehicle. Even students who choose to drive themselves to a 'field trip' site must complete this form. This form has been approved by University lawyers. Please insert the relevant information everywhere the form has yellow highlights.
    This form is NOT required for students driving individually to do recurring service on a regular basis.