A-Z: Service Pages Index

ABCs of Service Learning and Community Engagement: Introduction to key elements of SL/CE

Advisory Council: The USC Upstate Service Learning and Community Engagement Advisory Council is comprised of community service leaders who are most in touch with our area's population regarding community need

Awards - Instructors & Staff: Deadline April 1, Celebration in May each year 

Awards - Students: Deadline April 1, Celebration in May each year


Campus Partners: A list of offices that overlap with OSLCE (tab in bottom table)

Civic Engagement Resources: A quick overview of voting and electoral support at Upstate

Collaboratory: Our community engagement data tracking system, designed to empower our institution to document and understand the full scope of our community engagement and public service activities as a step toward improving practice and enhancing connections with the community

  • Collaboratory FAQs - Frequently asked questions related to our community engagement tracking system 

Community Need: A look at possible origins of cooperation between campus and community (tab in table)

Community Engagement @ Upstate: A glossary of terms for the community audience

Community Engagement Categories: A listing of the most common domains in which Upstate faculty, staff, and students serve our community. Designed for both on- and off-campus audiences

Community Partner Resources: Again, for the community audience

Community Partners: Starting and maintaining a reciprocal relationship

Contract, Sample: A suggested contract between students, partner, & instructor 
             - Reevaluate this cf Suggested Service Contract

Course Designation Application Overview: Details and links to designation applications for CE. SE, and SL (Community Engagement, Service Engagement, and Service Learning) 

Course Designation Comparison: A page designed to aid in clarification among four primary modes of connecting courses to our community 

Course Development Page: This page is designed to help you think through and plan out converting a course or creating a new course with a Service focus

Course Development Timeline: A 12-month guide of key actions leading to an outstanding service course

Course Development Worksheet: A 17-question guide covering key considerations in creating service courses

Course Reallocation Program: Competitive program designed to both recognize past service and encourage further contributions to SL/CE 

Course Support Funds: Details on applying for funds to support service projects in officially designated courses

COVID-19 Statement: The official perspective on service during a global pandemic (tab in top table)

Curricular Need: A brief reminder that advancing our students disciplinary understanding thru service is key


Definition of Service Learning: From our University Senate (tab in top table)

Definitions and Examples: Clarifying some often conflated terms including Service Learning, Service Engagement, Community Engaged Learning, Volunteering, Clinicals, Practicums, and Internships, and Community Engagement

Designation Application: An overview of the applications for Service Learning and Engagement designations


e-SL/CE: Ideas and resources for virtual Service Learning and Community Engagement

e-Service Opportunities: Links to sites the offer virtual service experiences

Evaluation: A look at assessment activities, domains, and the students' perspectives (tab in table)

Expectations: An overview of the expectations for Service Learning and Service Engagement (tab in top table) 


FAQs: Frequently asked questions - with answers & links to relevant materials 

  • Collaboratory FAQs - Frequently asked questions related to our community engagement tracking system 


  • e-SL/CE Decision Tree: a tool to help experienced service learning folks decide if they should go virtual
  • SL/CE Decision Tree: the tool for interested but unexperienced folks to get the big picture of SL/CE
  • SL/CE Flowchart: a chart that helps one visualize the meaningfully multi-layered process of SL/CE

Forms & Templates: A one-stop-shop with links to a wide array of service-related forms and templates


High Impact Practice: SL/CE is HIP: An overview of High Impact Practices at Upstate (tab in bottom table)


Instructional Modes: Course structure (traditional, hybrid, online) and sectional division (uniform or bimodal) (tab on page)


Liability Statement on coverage for formally designated courses (tab: "What do I need to know about liability issues?")


News & Updates (tab on page) 


P&T Considerations (tab on page)

Publishing & Scholarship Venues: Links to publishing opportunities



Resources: Published scholarship on Service Learning (Homepage: bottom tab)  - Reevaluate this cf publishing


Scholarship: cf.  Publishing & Scholarship Venues: Links to publishing opportunities

Service Models: Common approaches to organizing service

Service Stories: Articles on service done by instructors, students and staff

Service Trip Waiver - Template

SLO Overview: Student Learning Outcomes 

SLO Assessment Rubric

SLO Alignment with Strategic Plan

SLO Sample Common Assessment

Student Resources:



  • Service Agreement: Contract amongst students, community partners, and instructors

  • Service Course Commitment: Encouragement for students to pre-reflect and plan with focus on learning outcomes

  • Service Verification: Confirmation of, and feedback on, students' completed service

  • Reflection Rubric in PDF and in Excel
  • Syllabus: Built on the CAIFS template with additions for Service courses 
  • Trip Waiver:  This legal document should be used for field trips for service