Service Course Support Form Preview


The items you will be asked to complete on the application form are listed below. 
OR click here for a PDF version of the same list

 General Information: 

  1. SL/SE Designated Course ID: (e.g. ENGL 451-01M)
  2. Enrollment (actual or estimated)
  3. Time Frame for the Service (e.g. Jan-April or March 25-27)
    Remember, it may take 30 days or more to run the paperwork through Columbia, and only pre-approved expenses can be reimbursed!
  4. Service Completion Date
    • Reimbursement requests later than 30 days after expenditure may not be paid by Columbia. 
    • The system will send you a reminder to submit receipts and a final report on this date
  5. Compensation Style
    In most cases, reimbursement is Columbia's preferred style. If a cash advance would be your preferred approach, we will explain to you the most up-to-date policies and procedures, then proceed with your request
    <Radio buttons: Reimbursement & Cash Advance> 


  • Clearly define all funds that are required, even if the amount exceeds the allowable limit as specified on the Overview page. In rare cases, the need may justify exceeding the standard limit. In every case, documentation of need can be used in requesting funds for future funding cycles! 
  • Attach justifying documentation if available under item #9
  • If you've estimated your enrollment, please indicate how variation in enrollment will affect your budget
  1. Item, Cost Estimate, Explanation/ Breakdown of Cost Estimate
    "Paint"                               $200      10 gallons @ $20 each
    Assorted Paint Brushes     $20        20 sets from Mighty Dollar
    Cleaning Supplies              $20        Soap, bowls, towels from Mighty Dollar
  2. Total Requested ($)
  3. Proposed Use for the Funds
    Clearly describe (a) how the funds will be used, (b) why these funds are necessary, (c) how these funds directly support the Service aspect of your course and the Service SLOs you address
  4. Feel free to attach any additional documentation you feel will support your application (File number limit: 3; Single file size limit: 10MB; Allowed file types: Word, Excel, PPT,PDF)