SLO Assessment Rubric

This is the rubric for the Common Assessment of Service SLOs 

  (1) (2) (3) (4)
Relevance Fails to tie response to the prompt Weak connections between the response and the prompt Clear connections between the response and the prompt Insightful connections between the response and the prompt
Depth Fails to address the core competency; consistently over-simplifies when making connections; fails to consider any of the complexities of the competency

Addresses few of the core competency; often over‐ simplifies when making connections; considers little of the complexity of the competency 

Addresses some but not all of the core competency; rarely over-simplifies when making connections; considers some but not all of the full complexity of the competency

Thoroughly addresses of the core competency; avoids over-simplifying when making connections; considers the full complexity of the competency 


Consistently simplistic statements indicate a lack of involvement

Includes some detail about people and/or course concepts

Indication of connection with people and/or course concepts without evidence of analytical connection between the two 

Clearly demonstrates connection with people and course concepts through detail and depth of perception linking the two

Based in part on the DEAL Model Rubric: Ash & Clayton, 2009