SLO Assessment Options

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes helps us ensure that our efforts have impact and have the desired impact. These Service SLOs focus on students. We assess the impact on our community through our community partners.  

As instructors complete a Course Designation Application they select SLOs to be overtly addressed in their course. For Service Learning courses, instructors choose two SLOs, for Service & Community Engagement, they choose one. Instructors then choose one of three formats to assess each of these SLOs in their courses. Each technique should lead students to reflect in meaningful ways. For details on reflection techniques in service learning, please see the reflection tabs on the "Developing a Course" page. 

To simplify collection of assessment artefacts, we ask that you join the Bb SLCE Resources course and COPY the appropriate assignment into your Bb course. 

SLO Assessment Options

To programmatically assess student learning in service learning courses, we ask faculty to embed one or more of the following assessments into their coursework, timed shortly after they have completed their service, and submit the results to the Office of Service Learning via the Assessment Upload link. 

To encourage both depth and breadth, we ask faculty to select a different option from those below for each SLO selected (Service Learning courses should have a total of two assessments each of a different format).  

Option 1: Reflection of Instructor's Choice

Upload a reflection of your choice from your course that specifically addresses one of the SLOs you selected. Please include a copy of the assignment instructions together with student responses. Again, please see the reflection tabs on the "Developing a Course" page for details on reflection techniques in service learning courses.

Option 2: Resume Entry

Have students write a resume entry related to their service, highlighting key elements of one of the competencies you selected as a SLO. Feel free to create your own assignment for this so long as students focus on their service in light of their service. View a set of instructions and a template. Under that same link, we also provide two sample resume entries: one based on Professionalism/Work Ethic and the other Digital Technology. If you'd like one customized to the SLO you select for this, email and we'll work on one together with you (and build up our library of samples as we do it).  

Option 3: Standardized Self-Assessment

Have students fill out a standardized & provided self-assessment for one of the competencies you selected as a SLO.

We have instructions together with a Likert-type scale and short prompts asking students to identify their strengths and weaknesses with regard to your targeted SLO. While prompts are provided for each of the 8 NACE competencies, we ask that you use this format to address only one of your targeted SLOs.

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